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Joe Simon's Captain America & Dick Tracy Original Artwork At Auction
And a cover to Dick Tracy from 1954. Joe Simon – Captain America Illustration Original Art (c the 2000s). The Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America… as drawn by one of his co-creators, Mr Joe Simon! This piece comes with a COA signed by Simon as well Created in ink, acrylic paint, and Dr Martin dyes on 8.5"[...]
Dick Tracy to Doonesbury, Savage Dragon #252 Homages Cartoon Strips
Whether that's delving into graphic sex, killing the main character, ageing in real-time, introducing trademarked version of God, the Devil, Jesus and Hitler, with changing storytelling styles, from panel layouts to influences and homages. Over the years, creator Erik Larsen has channelled the likes of Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes for certain scenes in Savage Dragon,[...]
Dick Tracy And Lonesome Dove Actress Glenne Headly Passes Away At Age 63
She made her film debut in 1981 in the drama Four Friends and went on to star as Tess Trueheart in Dick Tracy and appeared in Doctor Detroit, Fandango, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Sgt Bilko, Mr Holland's Opus, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and more. On Television she was nominated for[...]
Dick Tracy To Solve The Kidnap Of Little Orphan Annie
And Daddy Warbucks believing her to be dead. Yeah, turn that into a song and dance number. Last year, a number of Annie characters appeared in the Dick Tracy strip, including Warbucks, the Asp and Punjab Warbucks spoke on the phone with detective Tracy He implied that Annie was still missing and that Tracy might be the[...]
Four Color Roots Part 2: A Strange Brew of Art Brut (1990)
1990 brought the Disney-funded Dick Tracy film, arriving on a boatload of hype and audience goodwill left over from Tim Burton's Batman I had no idea who Warren Beatty was or why he might have been an interesting choice as director/star; I just loved the bright colors and bizarrely made-up villains I followed production notes[...]
First Published Comic Goes On Display This Saturday In Ohio
It was cancelled after just one issue making it extremely rare and only a few hundred copies are known to exist. The shops owner, Christopher Rupp, discovered the rare book when he was contacted to appraise a collection for an estate sale earlier this year. "When I first saw this book, I had to do some research[...]