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Bandai Namco Releases "The Residence" DLC for Little Nightmares
Bandai Namco has finally released the latest expansion to Little Nightmares in the form of "The Residence" DLC, which acts as the final chapter to Secrets of the Maw Along with the trailer below, the company also posted a bit of a Q&A on their European website, which we've posted the most important pieces of[...]
Sledgehammer Games Reveals Details About Call Of Duty: WWII's Next DLC
Sledgehammer Games and Activision have posted a brand new video for Call of Duty: WWII, this one focusing on the first DLC pack to hit the game The five-minute videos chats with the devs about The Resistance, which will focus on the actual resistance who fought against Germany behind enemy lines, sabotaging their efforts in France[...]
'Prison Architect' Will Be Getting An "Escape Mode" Expansion
Some awesome news for fans of Prison Architect as the developers will be releasing new DLC next year "Escape Mode" is pretty much like it sounds, where instead of being one of the people running the system, you're a prisoner in the system trying to break out The mode is already in the PC version,[...]
kumail Nanjiani
Along with the Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion DLC, Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War got some new bug fixes and some updates to the game We've listed the free updates below, and you can click here to read the rest But for the time being, enjoy the trailer for the new DLC and the horrible sounds the new tribe[...]
Slaughter Tribe Nemesis
The Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion downloadable content (DLC) includes: Tribal Showdowns – New missions allowing players to face down Captains from the Slaughter tribe, with each showdown bringing unique challenges to complete. Tribal War Bands – Aid your ally and defeat your nemesis when facing off in the new Tribal War Bands quests as Captains from the Slaughter tribe bring their[...]
'Agents Of Mayhem' Gets Kinzie From 'Saints Row's' As DLC
If you enjoyed Kenzie, the hacker from Saints Row 3 & 4, you might get a kick out of her as a DLC character in Agents Of Mayhem Going under the alias of Safeword, she was added to the game this week as DLC for a mere $5 Enjoy the trailer of her introduction, and[...]
'This War Of Mine' Marks Anniversary With New DLC
This week, the company marks that anniversary with a new DLC campaign called "Father's Promise", which you can snag the first part of on Steam right now for $2 or as part of the season pass for $5 Below is a brief description and the trailer for the new DLC. Father's Promise is a story-driven experience based[...]
The Latest Resident Evil 7 DLC Trailer Explores Lucas Baker
As we slowly make our way to the Resident Evil 7 "Not A Hero" DLC coming out on December 12th, we're finding out a lot more about the game than we care to Specifically about the deranged psychopathic mind of Lucas Baker, the guy who somehow managed to build 400 different contraptions in his spare time of being[...]
Bethesda Lay Out The 'Wolfenstein II' DLC Roadmap
Those of you who may be curious what Wolfenstein II had in store for DLC, wait no longer Bethesda released the complete details of what they intend to include in the next few months ahead All with this lovely fake comic book cover that illustrates what you can expect We have the full list for you[...]
'Final Fantasy XV' "Comrades" DLC Due Out Next Week
After failing to be released last week on the original October 31st date, Square Enix has moved Final Fantasy XV's new DLC pack "Comrades" to November 15th The news came down from the game's Japanese Twitter account today, along with the news that the Xbox One X update with some new patches was being released[...]
"A Walk In The Park" DLC Revealed For 'The Surge'
This morning, Focus Home Entertainment revealed new screenshots for the latest DLC pack on the way for The Surge called "A Walk In The Park" As you can see from the images below, you're basically now fighting your way through an amusement park, originally created by CREO World for the employees and their families, which[...]
Check Out All The New DLC Costumes For 'Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite'
Get ready for your wallet to take a beating, as Capcom is about to unleash several new DLC costumes onto Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite You can check out all of the costumes below in three different trailers for the packs, but the short version is that each of these are probably going to be running[...]
'Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle' Has Added Ultra Challenge DLC
For those experts, Ubisoft has something new for you with the new Ultra Challenge Pack DLC that came out today These stages are designed to be difficult as hell, to the point where you might actually consider throwing a controller The deadliest of the foes you'll probably be dealing with and end up loathing are[...]
Dying Light
Back at E3 2017, part of Techland's presentation was to announce that they'd be doing all kinds of DLC updates for Dying Light and showing love to the audience that kept the game alive Today, that promise comes alive as the company released two Content Drops (#0 and #1) today for PS4, Xbox One and[...]
Capcom Releases More DLC Items For 'Resident Evil 7'
This morning, Capcom dropped a couple of awesome tidbits for the Resident Evil 7 DLC packages The first being the lovely images below for "End Of Zoe" in which the game assumes you made the right choice and saved your wife, leaving the black sheep of the family, Zoe, to die after all she did[...]
'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War' To Honor Former Developer In Free DLC
In his honor, a DLC pack was created called "Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC" with a character made to look like him with an awesome mandolin ax Originally the DLC was going to charge fans with a percentage of the funds going to his family but was only happening in the U.S (and because of certain laws,[...]
Nintendo Releases New Details On 'Fire Emblem Warriors' DLC
We're less than a month away from Fire Emblem Warriors hitting the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, but today, Nintendo revealed their plans for DLC releases that will carry into the next six months Below are the complete details of all the packs and the season pass, but essentially, the game is going to be packed[...]
Capcom Shows Of More 'Resident Evil 7' DLC At Tokyo Game Show
They may not look that glorious, but below are three screenshots Capcom released for the next Resident Evil 7 DLC called "Not A Hero" at the Tokyo Game Show Aside from a behind shot of Chris and a first-person view, we got a shot of Chris stomping a mudhole into a Molded It may not[...]
'Titanfall 2' Drops "Postcards From The Frontier" DLC Trailer
EA Games and Respawn Entertainment have dropped the latest trailer for their next free DLC to Titanfall 2 called "Postcards From The Frontier" Boiling down the details for you, you'll be getting a new execution called Hole In The Wall, and a brand new Life Fire map called Uma that by all accounts it sounds insane[...]
North America Can Now Download 'RPG Maker Fes' DLC
Apparently, without any warning, NIS decided to make all of that content readily available to North American players today all at once! To be very clear, this is a mix of free and paid-for DLC for RPG Maker Fes We've included a list from Siliconera that they laid out in detail of what you can currently[...]
New 'Tekken 7' DLC Adds A Few Interesting Features
Today, Bandai Namco released a couple new addition to their DLC for Tekken 7 One of them is cool and was kind of predictable, the other is a strange addition and will lead to many a screenshot that makes little sense First, the cool one is that they finally added Eliza as a downloadable character[...]
Dying Light
Back at E3, Techland was showing off games like Pure Farming 2018, but in the middle of their presentation they revealed that a lot of DLC content would be coming to Dying Light over the next calendar year Here we are a month later, and the company have started showing off what it is exactly[...]
The Next 'Breath Of The Wild' DLC Will Focus More On Princess Zelda
You may not be able to play as her, but the next DLC for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild will have a greater focus on Princess Zelda as opposed to Link's journey throughout the game. credit//Nintendo Below is a tweet sent out by Nintendo's European division who showed a 17-second clip from "The Champions' Ballad"[...]
Arms First DLC Character Will Be Here Next Week
The first DLC character for Nintendo's Arms is Max Brass, who will be made available in a free update next week Nintendo made the announcement on Twitter earlier today, which included a video of the new character in action. Get ready #ARMS fans! Max Brass aka "The Commish" joins the fight via a free update on July 12th![...]
'Harvest Moon: Skytree Village' Adds New Content For European Players
is giving Harvest Moon fans in Europe a little something extra and a couple different options to choose from. Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will be receiving a set of DLC packs today Two of them are absolutely free and ready to download the moment you see this post The other two are paid DLC, completely optional, but[...]
The DLC For 'Breath Of The Wild' Contains A Fan-Discovered Secret Area
Secrets, secrets don't last you fool! Turns out The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC has more than what they're letting on A little something from Reddit today as a user by the name of sharkystheshotty who discovered that there's a hidden area in Hyrule that wasn't there before "The Master Trials" was released. credit//sharkystheshotty He's not[...]
Need Majora's Mask In Your Life? Here's How To Find It!
Right off the top we need to say that "The Master Trials" DLC for The Legend Of Zelda, Breath Of The Wild is out now and that you should explore and do a lot of the stuff in the game on your own However, we also know that many of you just want the things[...]
'Breath Of The Wild' DLC Will Take Up Different Space On Each System
It hasn't been talked about much up until now, but everyone knew the new Breath Of The Wild DLC was going to take up space on your Wii U and Nintendo Switch How much space was an entirely different question. Now we know, and the results may throw you off a bit. According to Nintendo's Japanese site,[...]