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RimWorld Will Be Coming To Consoles In Late July
Double Eleven will officially release RimWorld: Console Edition today, and with it comes a brand new launch trailer to enjoy The trailer primarily goes over a lot of what you'll see and do in the game, with not a ton of story or prelude to what is going on in the background beyond the gameplay[...]
RimWorld Will Be Coming To Consoles In Late July
Double Eleven revealed they will be working with Ludeon Studios to bring RumWorld over to consoles happening next month Previously an exclusive to PC back in 2018, the team will be bringing the complete version of the game to both Xbox and PlayStation on July 29th for $40 The colony-builder title is currently up for[...]
Paradox Interactive Releases Prison Architect: Perfect Storm
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven dropped a new update into Prison Architect this week as players can now experience the Perfect Storm This latest update throws a bit of chaos into the mix as players will have to deal with the unpredictability of nature This content introduces calamities, such as lightning storms and other issues[...]
Rust Is Making Its Way To Both PS4 & Xbox One This Spring
Double Eleven released a new extended gameplay trailer this morning for Rust: Console Edition, showing off more of the game This particular trailer, which we're showing the Xbox One X version of the game below, shows off a variety of combat options, including a series of various loadout options you can create The video goes[...]
Rust Is Making Its Way To Both PS4 & Xbox One This Spring
Double Eleven revealed this morning that Rust: Console Edition will be coming to both the Xbox One and PS4 sometime this Spring After the rise in popularity for the 2013 game, spearheaded by Twitch personalities setting up servers to play the game with fans and fellow content creators, the devs have decided to expand the[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Will Get The Creeping Winter Expansion Next Month
Mojang and Double Eleven revealed today that the Creeping Winter expansion for Minecraft Dungeons is on the way in September The content will drop on September 8th along with three events for the game that the devs didn't go into detail about just yet The game will also receive an update that adds two new[...]
"Minecraft Dungeons" Will Officially Be Released On May 26th
Mojang and Double Eleven announced today that Minecraft Dungeons has been pushed back, but will officially be released on May 26th The game has kind of been on the tipping block of getting a proper release date for a while, but locking down a date has been difficult as of late Due in part to[...]
Auto Draft
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven are releasing a brand new update to Prison Architect as the game reaches a very specific milestone The two companies have partnered together moving forward with the game to bring in a new update called "The Clink", adding a bunch of new features to the prison system in the game[...]
'Prison Architect' Will Be Getting An "Escape Mode" Expansion
Neither Introversion Software or Double Eleven seems to have a solid release date, but for now, we have a trailer!  Some awesome news for fans of Prison Architect as the developers will be releasing new DLC next year "Escape Mode" is pretty much like it sounds, where instead of being one of the people running the[...]