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A New Agent Venom In Venom #27 Keeps It In The Family (Spoilers)
Trusting those who they shouldn't falling into obvious narratives and making big speeches that doomed them all. What Tony Stark's New Iron Man Suit Can Do, Who It's For In Empyre #5 Giving Reed Richard to internal monologise about the 4 on his chest Dan Slott totally write that bit, right? In Empyre #4 with the news[...]
New Wedding Of Wiccan and Hulkling Scenes from Empyre #5 (Spoilers)
Remember Incoming #1? With this scene by Tini Howard, Jim Cheung and Romuloi Fajardo Jr? Art from Empyre #5. They only have an hour before Hulking is called away to lead the Skrull and Kree empires And now in Empyre #5 we discover what they did with it They went and got married for the last half[...]