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Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page from Marvel's The Punisher and Marvel's Daredevil, courtesy of Netflix
So even before COVID kind of flipped the world on its head, I was struggling with this." She briefly hosted a Dungeons & Dragons-related series called Relics and Rarities for Geek and Sundry Each episode featured a who's who of geeks entrenched into the tabletop world A couple of her guests included Cox and actor[...]
Celebrate International Table Top Day with Geek and Sundry!
Also, there are a ton of fantastic tabletop games out there right now, with games that you can run in half an hour, to complex, ranging strategy games that can take the better part of an afternoon. Geek and Sundry will be celebrating the day they dubbed with a whole slew of programming, and you can[...]
Geek And Sundry – Leveling Up Panel
Bex Cook and Dan Oakley write for Bleeding Cool: The Geek and Sundry panel was, very much like the YouTube channel itself, a fun affair in which you immediately felt like family Everything about the Channel and the people behind it make you feel welcome and it's like they are really trying to create a community[...]