Ghost Face Slays the Day with New Scream Statue from PCS Collectibles

The new Scream movie has hit theaters and no better way to celebrate than with a deluxe statue of the slasher from PCS

The slasher known as Ghost Face is back as PCS reveals a brand new and deluxe Scream statue. Scream just got a brand new film in theaters this past weekend with Scream 6 and it is getting some excellent reviews. This slasher has easily flipped the horror franchise on its head by adding more than one killer to the mix. Everything about Ghost Face is a simple yet terrifying, and knowing that it could be anyone under that mask makes it worse. PCS has faithfully brought this slasher to life with an impressive 22" tall statue. 

Ghost Face's signature robed look is captured here and he will be carrying a bloody knife. To make things even better, this deluxe statue features five swappable masks capturing the killer over his (or her) many sequels. This will include the classic Ghost Face Mask, a deadly Bloody Mask, the silver Anniversary Mask, the Zombie Mask, and even a Devil Mask. All of these masks will be stored on the base, making them part of the statue even when not on the face. This 1/4 Scream Ghost Face statue is priced at a mighty $695, set for a January 2024 release, and pre-orders can be found here. 

"What is Your Favorite Scary Movie?" – Ghost Face 

"Feel your blood freeze in your veins when you encounter this killer staple of the Halloween season. The Ghost Face (Deluxe Version) 1:4 Scale Statue measures 22.5" tall x 9" wide x 7" deep as the masked villain stalks his prey in the darkness, standing on top of a black pedestal base with a bloodied floor theme. Ghost Face wields a bloody knife in his gloved hands while that haunting, elongated expression silently menaces any unfortunate victim-to-be in his path."

"The deluxe statue base is adorned with four equally iconic swap-out masks that can be placed onto the figure for a total of five frightening faces to choose between: the classic Mask, the Bloody Mask, the silver Anniversary Mask, the Zombie Mask, and the Devil Mask. Horror fans don't want to miss this ultimate opportunity to mix and match their favorite looks for this beloved baddie."

"The Ghost Face (Deluxe Version) Statue is a mixed media collectible featuring real fabric elements tailored to bring this horror icon to life. The character's signature black reaper robe has a jagged hemline and distinct shimmer recreating the look and feel of a Halloween costume. Wire inside the black arm tassels and the hem of the hood allows collectors to pose the garment with added menace and dramatic flair. The remainder of Ghost Face's costume and body — including gloves, included masks, shoes, and pants — are fully sculpted with realistic detail to enhance the figure's killer look."

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