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Gloomhaven To Add Solo Scenario DLC This September

Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios are giving Gloomhaven some new DLC as players will be able to get in Solo Scenarios. The DLC will ramp up some of the content you've been playing in the game already, but will give you access to take on a number of missions on your own. As well as being granted access to some new options that will only be available to those who do solo campaigns from this content. We have the full rundown of the DLC below as it will run you $10 when it drops in September.

Gloomhaven To Add Solo Scenario DLC This September
Credit: Asmodee Digitial

The Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios will offer an even harder challenge for seasoned players as each one is designed to be completed by only one specific mercenary with 17 unique rewards and devastating new enemies. Both rewards and scenarios were intricately designed to the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen mercenary and will give players 20 hours of additional content. In order to access these exciting scenarios, a mercenary will have to reach level 5 in the Campaign. Once the scenario is completed, the mercenary will be rewarded with a unique item that only they can use. The rewards will also be available in the Guildmaster mode and players will have to complete each mercenary's 2nd story mission in order to access them. In multiplayer, players will have to take up the challenge alone and complete this Solo Scenarios by themselves whilst friends spectate. Players will also be able to tackle the challenge offline and then import their rewards on their multiplayer save.

  • You can only gain access to the Gloomhaven DLC missions at Level 5 in the Story Campaign.
  • When a mercenary reaches Level 5, they are able to undertake their own Solo mission.
    Alternatively, you can gain access to the DLC unique rewards in the Guildmaster Mode when completing the 2nd Story mission for each mercenary.
  • You only gain access to the items if you complete the missions, these items cannot be sold or bought by other characters.
    The mercenary has to attempt the missions on their own and if they are successful, they are awarded their specific Solo item. This item cannot be sold or bought by other characters, and any later mercenaries of the same class must also complete this mission to unlock it.
  • You can play these missions online in a Multiplayer game, but your co-op companions will be in spectator mode, watching you hopelessly try to survive.
  • You can also play these missions offline. Then, to import the fruit of your hard labor to any game, it will be automatic if you're the host, and if you are not the host and join a game, the host has the option to import any Gold, XP and Item you gained in the Solo Scenarios.

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