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Today's line-up of news and opinions includes FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jared Padalecki & Stephen Amell call on Supernatural & Arrow fans, USA Network's The Sinner, Amazon's The Boys, Seth MacFarlane & Saturday Night Live remember Norm Macdonald, Matt Wagner's Grendel gets a Netflix series deal, Law & Order: Organized Crime gets a[...]
Everyone Is Buying Grendel On eBay After Netflix Announcement
The eBay marketplace for Grendel in the last hour has exploded We have confirmed that a slabbed CGC 9.4 Comico Primer #2 has just sold for $2100 on eBay today while there is a brisk trade in Grendel #1 from Comico and #1 from Dark Horse as well, for around $300 raw Even issues of[...]
The world of Matt Wagner's Hunter Rose will be coming to Netflix with an eight-episode live-action series adaptation of Wagner's popular Dark Horse comic book series Grendel Set to be written and executive produced by Andrew Dabb (Resident Evil, Supernatural), the series has tapped Abubakr Ali (Power Book II: Ghost, Katy Keene) for the lead[...]
Glenn Danzig's First Appeaance Of Grendel Up for Auction
Primer #2, published by Comico, is the first appearance of Grendel by Matt Wagner in 1982 Originally a noir comic in the style of European titles such as Diabolik, it has evolved into "a study of the nature of aggression." It's not entirely clear how much of the audience is aware of this The character[...]
Grendel Devil's Odyssey #6 Review: Just Short Of Greatness
With the hope of shifting a world's entire cultural ideals, the cyborg warrior known as Grendel Prime employs a different set of skills towards finding a new planetary home for humanity There's a kind of comical flavor Grendel: Devil's Odyssey #6, but the stakes are clearly life and death. Grendel: Devil's Odyssey #6 Cover Credit: Dark[...]
Matt Wagner Takes Grendel on a Devil's Odyssey at Dark Horse
Dark Horse has announced a new Grendel mini-series from creator Matt Wagner with colorist Brennan Wagner and letterer Dave Lanphear Hitting stores in October, the eight-issue mini-series will be titled Grendel: The Devil's Odyssey, you know, like that thing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote about in his yearbook. From the press release: Grendel Prime searches the[...]
Highlights From Matt Wagner's Reddit AMA
Matt Wagner, creator of Grendel and Mage and current co-writer on Django / Zorro with Quentin Tarantino, did a r/comicbooks AMA recently We have the highlight of that session. Hello Mr Wagner! I've been a massive Grendel fan for years now and wanted to say that seeing Hunter Rose face off against The Shadow has been[...]
Baltimore Comic-Con's Grendel Yearbook Supports A Creator In Need
Seth is the pop culture photographer behind Leaping Tall Buildings and comics writer on Schmuck who has long been a supporter of the comics-creator driven con. The theme for the yearbook for 2014 is Matt Wagner's Grendel and supporting characters, and Baltimore Comic-Con will also be hosting The BCC Yearbook: Grendel Original Art auction on September[...]
Matt Wagner Talks The History Of The Green Hornet Both In And Out Of Comics
His characters of Grendel and Mage are mainstays of independent comics and his cover runs on Batman and Green Arrow are fan favorites Wagner's run on Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment is now being collected and Mike Raicht had a chance to speak to the double-threat creator about the series. MIKE RAICHT: I just wanted to[...]
The Shadow Vs Grendel – Written And Drawn By Matt Wagner
The Shadow Vs Grendel The classic hero that knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, Lamont Cranston will come toe-to-toe with the classy and deadly Hunter Rose And it being tackled by the creator of Grendel, Matt Wagner himself. Wagner had success in the past teaming his character with Batman twice, which led to[...]
Tripwire: Matt Wagner On Grendel From 2001
And this week's regular delve into its archive,  is our feature on Matt Wagner's Grendel: Red, White and Black, published in TRIPWIRE Volume 4 #4, published way back in February 2001… [issuu width=550 height=400 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120812110110-c8757be734b84196a5f59ee6e9cc5e85 name=wagner_tripwire_vol_4__4_feature_2001 username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] Before Bleeding Cool, there was TRIPWIRE magazine[...]
JH Williams Strip From CBLDF Liberty Annual And A Chat With Charles Brownstein
Williams III, Steve Niles, Judd Winick , Mark Waid, Jeff Lemire, Carla Speed McNeil with Grendel by Matt Wagner, Cowboy Ninja Viking by AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo,  Elephantmen by Richard Starkings and Shaky Kane, a full-colour story from Craig Thompson (Blankets)! and pin-ups of Batman by Dustin Nguyen, X-Men by[...]