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mr. robot
Robot is going to be here soon – October 6 to be exact – and they released a new teaser this morning. Now usually with all the content we get, Eliot (Rami Malek) is our [mostly] reliable narrator… guiding us through the world of hacking and trying to figure out if five/nine was for the best. But[...]
Sam Esmail's 'Mr. Robot' Ends Series Run with Season 4
Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Malek), a cyber-security engineer who became involved in the underground hacker group fsociety after being recruited by their mysterious leader Mr Robot (Slater), whom he later discovered to be the projection of his dead father Following the events of fsociety's five/nine hack on the multi-national corporation E Corp, the series explores[...]
A Splatoon 2 Player Hacked Their System to Demand Hack Protection
Wanna prove that the Splatoon 2 system is hackable? Hack it and then ask them to fix it A Reddit user named PleaseAddAntiCheat with a love for the game went into the Rank X leaderboards (which recently were made to be the cream of the crop leaderboards), hacked the system, and then confessed to doing[...]
United Talent Agency Hit By Cyberattack, Ransom In Bitcoins Rumored
This had a cascading impact on other firms who relied on their ability to coordinate with UTA. One UTA insider is reporting that a ransom of 25,000 bitcoins had been demanded (a value of approximately $30 million) by hackers to suspend the impact of the viral attack A UTA executive denied that there had in fact[...]
Chrissie Zullo – More Fables And Hack/Slash
Hopefully some more Hack/Slash, too. Have you worked on Hack/Slash before? CZ: Yeah, I did a variant cover I love that series — I was even Cassie for Hallowe'en once I'm a huge fan of Hack/Slash! Looking at your work, I would never have guessed that! [Laughter] Do you have any other strange inspirations? CZ: I don't know about[...]
Hatchet/Slash Sees Cassie Meets Victor Crowley
Announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel, Image Comics have announced a third Hack/Slash end of year annual, Hatchet/Slash, from Tim Seeley and Hatchet creator Adam Green. Hack/Slash has a history of ripping on versions of classic serial killers of popular culture, but every now and then it goes for an official one. [...]