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Halloween 2 Anniversary Pack Is One Of NECA's Finest Releases
Halloween 2 is one of the best horror sequels ever To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, NECA announced a very special two-pack of Ultimate figures, featuring an updated Michael Myers and, for the first time in this Ultimate form, Dr Loomis It really is a dream set and a welcome one at that Loomis is[...]
Michael Myers Halloween 2 Figure Up For Order From Mezco
Michael Myers is getting another Mezco One:12 Collective figure, this time from 1981's Halloween 2 This is the second figure of Michael in the line, as a figure from the 1978 film was released a few years ago, and was super popular This new version comes with three head sculpts, 11 pairs of hands, a[...]
Let's Take A Look At NECA's New Halloween 2 Loomis/Laurie Two Pack
Loomis from Halloween 2, hitting shelves right now This is the third Halloween 2 figure released this year after both a clothed version and Ultimate version of Michael Myers were released this year While we still hold out hope for Ultimate versions of Loomis and Laurie, we have these for now Let's take a look[...]
Halloween 2 & 3 Are The Latest Spinatures From Waxwork Records
Halloween 2 and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch are the subjects of this wave First, Michael Myers from the hospital scene at the end of the second film They really nailed the look with the blood running down the eyes and bullet holes in the jumpsuit—nice attention to detail Then, Halloween 3's masked trick[...]
NECA Reveals Final Packaging For Halloween 2 Laurie & Loomis
NECA has revealed their final packaging photos for their upcoming, highly anticipated Halloween 2 figure set featuring Laurie Strode and Dr Loomis The set marks the first time a younger version of Laurie has been released in figure form, and both figures feature authorized likenesses of actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence These are[...]
NECA New York Toy Fair 59
A 1/4 scale Michael from the new film, a Michael from Halloween 2, the three trick or treaters from Halloween 3 might be my favorite figure at the show, and Laurie Strode herself Great, great stuff NECA. Godzilla has a movie coming out Did you know that? Their line of Godzilla figures both from that new[...]
One:12 Collective Halloween Michael Myers 21
Not the strangest film in the series, but the most incoherent. 10) Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie) When I was sitting in the theater watching this film, my friend leaned over to me about a half hour in and asked if we could leave I told him no, because as bad as this was, it might be the[...]
Mondo Vinyl Halloween 2
This week sees the release of their next in the series of Halloween soundtracks: Halloween 2! Hi everyone! We are thrilled to continue our HALLOWEEN campaign this week with our re-issue of the soundtrack to HALLOWEEN II, complete with stunning new artwork from Paul Mann We'll also be opening up a pre-order for HALLOWEEN III (which was[...]
halloween john carpenter
But it is established in Halloween 2 that Laurie is a Myers Is that thrown out the window as well? Then why is Jamie coming back? To reveal that again? Because that would be strange. Speaking of Laurie, McBride was also asked about bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis again: We pitched to Carpenter, and he was into[...]