Halloween 2 Anniversary Pack Is One Of NECA's Finest Releases

Halloween 2 is one of the best horror sequels ever. To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, NECA announced a very special two-pack of Ultimate figures, featuring an updated Michael Myers and, for the first time in this Ultimate form, Dr. Loomis. It really is a dream set and a welcome one at that. Loomis is not a character who gets figures often, so they knew they had to do something special for the release. NECA sent the pack over for us to take a look at, and out of package or MOC, it is one you all need to buy.

Halloween 2 Needs As Many Figures As Possible

The two-pack comes housed in the deluxe version of the NECA Ultimate box, with awesome artwork on the front, fig photography on the back, and an opening flap to show off the figures in their window box for MOC collectors. Perfect as always, and hefty. MOC collectors, be careful when hanging this one on your walls; I can see this one taking a fall pretty easily.

Some of us may already have the Halloween 2 version of Michael, but I think this one does feel a bit different. To me, it looks like there are more details on the paint washes on the overalls, and the mask feels a bit darker in spots like in the film. His interchangeable parts are also way easier to swap out, and he holds his knife better. This feels like an upgrade to me.

The star of the show is Loomis. They have absolutely nailed this figure. This may be their best face portrait ever, as every detail on his face is spot on, right down to the eyebrows narrowing. What a scowl! His coat does not hamper the figure's poseability. Even if it did, you can swap out the arms and get him in his iconic brown suit, making this technically the first ultimate from the original Halloween. Maybe someday we can get that version of Michael and Laurie as well. One can dream. He comes with two pistols, and I cannot see any differences between them for the life of me. One of his swappable hands is holding the lighter he used to blow himself and Michael up in the hospital at the end of Halloween 2 once and for all…until Halloween 4, that is. Perfect figure.

Halloween 2 Anniversary Pack Is One Of NECA's Finest Releases

Look, if you are a Halloween fan, you were already buying this anyway. But for horror collectors and fans, even at $70+, this is a no-brainer purchase. Michael is great updated, and Loomis is a must-add to every collection. Snatch this up now, so you don't have to pay double later. You can find it in stores now or order here.

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