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David Walker on Project Wildfire
The solicitations text for the issue is as follows … Project Wildfire #1 SEP211760 (W) Hannibal Tabu (A/CA) Quinn McGowan "Enter Project Torrent," Part One Will Watson the 3rd's life turned upside down when a campus experiment gave him super powers just in time to confront monsters plaguing his southern hometown He's just getting the cape game down pat[...]
Painter Demar Douglas Waves A False Flag: Subversive Fiction
I was in shock to see videos of it on the side of buildings in Times Square. Demar Douglas' Illa Ghee album cover on display in Times Square, with the artist on the right BC: How did you get involved with the False Flag project? DD: The False Flag project was introduced to me by the amazing[...]
Little Red CRVT: Thoughts On MPLS Sound
Conflict Of Interest Siren: Hannibal Tabu, a Bleeding Cool writer, co-wrote MPLS Sound I interacted with him a couple of times on Slack To the best of my knowledge, that's the extent of our interactions We have different tastes, as evidenced by our wildly different takes on Commanders In Crisis It's impossible to remove bias,[...]
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Time Corps #16 from Wunderman Comics
Their supervisor is very close to being done with this kind of work and gaining her desired final dispensation, a Cheyenne warrior woman called Falling Star. The two groups start the issue returning from somewhere surprising with information that is, at best, impossible. The following is the solicitations text for issue sixteen, written by Hannibal Tabu with[...]
MPLS Sound, A Graphic Novel On Prince's Impact On Minneapolis Music
Hannibal Tabu is the Senior Review Editor for Bleeding Cool Joseph Illidge is the Executive Editor of Heavy Metal Magazine Together, they fight crime Sorry, I mean, together they are writing MPLS Sound, an original graphic novel about Prince and his musical legacy, drawn by Meredith Laxton And focusing on a Minneapolis band that did[...]
Hannibal Tabu and Quinn McGowan's Project: Wildfire From Second Sight
Hannibal Tabu, the senior comic book reviewer for Bleeding Cool, has just signed his latest comic book deal with Second Sight Publishing for Quinn McGowan's new comic book, Project: Wildfire. Hannibal Tabu and Quinn McGowan's Project: Wildfire From Second Sight The series follows the adventures of Will Watson the 3rd, a college sophomore who volunteered for a medical[...]
Fanbase Press Hosts Hannibal Tabu in “Engaging With Comics Press"
This Sunday at 1 PM Pacific time, award-winning journalist, writer, and online gadfly Hannibal Tabu be the guest of the Eisner-nominated publisher Fanbase Press for their Creator Forum series Tabu will give an hour-long presentation on "Engaging With Comics Press." Official image for the Creator Forum, Image Used with permission. Fanbase Press wrote that "attendees will follow[...]
Miranda, Smith, Gustin, Barrett & More Join Plague Nerdalogues for BLM
 After a brief technical conversation with his colleague Hannibal Tabu, it was determined that there was room to bring Bernardin's vision of "Plague Nerdalogues" to life and this time proceeds are going to Black Lives Matter.   "I've been sitting here, day after day, both watching the world slip and watching people do their best to stop[...]
don't rush challenge
Walker Merchandisers and creators Tiana and Nia from Happy Monster Spirit's Destiny maker Dorphise Jean Award-winning journalist, writer, and Top Cow Talent hunt winner Hannibal Tabu Creator and publisher Javier Cruz Winnik Journalist, host, and creator of The Blerd Gurl Karama Horne Freelance illustrator Julie Anderson Studio principal Lawrence King Artist and writer TJ Sterling DC Comics Talent Workshop veteran and Route 3 writer[...]
Eagle-Con 2020 Brings High Powered Guests To Cal State LA
(Pirates of the Caribbean, Anger Management, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) and be moderated by Bleeding Cool's own Hannibal Tabu. A Star Trek panel on "aliens throughout the years" will have as panelists Karen Westerfield (makeup artist, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), Dan Curry (visual effects supervisor, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager,[...]
Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5
I don't fancy myself as a writer, but I knew I wanted to establish a consistent pattern of the level of strength the protagonist displays and once Hannibal Tabu came on as writer, we began expanding the world and relationship dynamics Season Five is, to quote a certain space wizard, William's first step into a[...]
Comics Meet Hip-Hop as Vince Hernandez Sponsors Lord of the Mic: LA MC Battle
"I really wanted to do something to celebrate the culture and bring back some of what I loved about hip hop for LA." Hernandez join forces with online gadfly and 2019 County of Los Angeles Cultural Trailblazer Hannibal Tabu to produce an event that would have credibility and hip-hop community and entertainment value for all Tabu[...]
EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids
Veteran comics editor Joe Illidge (Milestone, Valiant, A Wave Blue World) and writer Hannibal Tabu (2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, 2019 City of Los Angeles Cultural Trailblazer) joined together to create a journey through a formative time in American musical history. Publisher's Weekly revealed some details about a new original graphic novel from Humanoids called MPLS[...]
REVIEW: Justice League< #37
JUST … NO. JUSTICE LEAGUE #37 (W) Scott Snyder, James TynionIV (A) Jorge Jimenez (CA) Francis Manapul "Justice/Doom War" part eight! The Justice League is making their final push against Perpetua, but some players they previously counted as allies may have been working for the other side the whole time! Who among Perpetua's children will betray them and[...]
REVIEW: Die #10
RATING: BUY. Hannibal Tabu is an award-winning journalist and comic book writer, a published poet and novelist, a husband and father, aligned lawful evil and is a professional awful person His professional efforts can be found on The Operative Network. (Image Comics, creative team: Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Clayton Cowles) The basic premise of a group of[...]