Prey's PC Players Are Experiencing Gamebreaking Crashes. So Much For That Master Race, Huh?


Some games are just built for one platform over another. It's easier to build a game on one platform, then worry about the other versions of it, rather than trying to build on all of the platforms at once. Most of the time it ends with a relatively similar game experience across systems, but sometimes things get a bit screwy. Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios, and Arkane Studios' Prey reboot seems to have gotten things a bit wrong. Players are reporting crashes, save corruptions, glitches, and an overall terrible experience.

Now, this isn't to say that these glitches, crashes, and save corruption issues aren't frustrating as all hell. But sometimes, you just have to admit, that PC Master Race life ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Oh, and there's also a maximum save file limitation, because that's what you need on PC.

And these game-breaking problems are far from affecting only the paid versions of the game. IGN's Dan Stapleton (whose twitter feed is how we first heard about this issue) experienced an issue with game save corruption about 30 hours into the game. Polygon's Arthur Gies also encountered a crash 40 hours into playing.

A statement from a Bethesda Softworks representative provided to IGN said "We are looking into the issues that people are experiencing, and are actively working to provide an update to address them.  We ask that if you are encountering issues, please report them on our support group website."

Similar save crashes have been reported by a number of users on the game's Steam page as well. Players have said they "cannot load into the game without it crashing," "can no longer go back [to an area] without crashing to desktop," alongside other issues like the "moon spinning around the Talos-I" or "Talia Brooks body keeps disapearing makeing it impossible to progress in the game" but the common thread is pretty easy to find. Almost all of these issues are occurring after hours and hours of gameplay.

And it looks like some players are even having issues with reloading older saves to get around that pesky "save file incompatible" error. One player claims to have been able to play for about an hour by loading a prior save, but after that was hit with the same "corrupt file" error.

Despite all of those bug reports and complaints, the game's main Steam page hosts mostly positive impressions. So even though players are losing hours upon hours of saves, well, they're enjoying that hell. Which is fantastic news for Bethesda, Arkane, and Human Head Studios. But that doesn't stop the fact that, well, the game is broken on PC right now.

Sure, it'll get fixed, but in the meantime you're probably better off putting Prey aside for now. Or pick it up on console if you haven't gotten a hold of it yet.

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