Bethesda Promises A Fix For Prey's PC Problems This Week, But That Clock Is Still Ticking


According to a report by IGN, Bethesda is currently working on fixes for those game-breaking PC problems that have been plaguing the game since launch.

Those problems include — and are not limited to — save file corruption errors, save incompatible to current game version errors, crashes, bodies disappearing before quest-specific items can be looted from them, and a limit to manual save slots. Most of those bugs seem to come into effect later in the game and prevent players from continuing onward, which made them even more frustrating for PC players.

"The team is working diligently on a fix and the aim is to have an update out this week," a representative for Bethesda Softworks told IGN, explaining that more information regarding the update would be on the way today — but we still don't have more news for you.

So, there's a fix, but it seems to be as delayed as my review of Prey. We'll keep you updated as this develops, but for now it looks like all of those game-breaking problems are still in play. Hopefully, we'll get a fix soon. If not, well, it might be time to jump over to console.

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