Want To Understand Prey's Lore? Here Are Some Helpful Rundowns, With *SPOILERS*


Bethesda and Arkane Studios' Prey has been a lot of things so far. It was broken on PC, though they've fixed most of that, it's been beaten in under six minutes by speedrunners, and it was a game that I thoroughly enjoyed for all the minute details and lore even though those PC problems knocked a ton of points off the game's score. And sure, it's gotten rather mixed reviews with a few utterly panning it, but we can't quite seem to shut up about it, can we?

A good part of that is the sheer detail and depth put into the game. Prey isn't the kind of game you'd immediately think of as being one for the lore-hounds, but as a lover of game lore myself I can attest that this is definitely a game with some deep story in it. But you may have missed some of that while running around scared out of your mind, or because your damn PC can't even play the thing, so if you want a quick primer on the intricate details of Prey, we have a 1 minute overview for you. A cheat sheet, if you will.

Lore in a Minute! put together this lovely recap, and it is definitely worth a look. If nothing else, it might save you from picking up the game yourself now that you've seen it beaten in just minutes and caught up on all the lore, well, why bother scaring yourself silly?

The 1-minute Prey lore video is below

If you wanted something a bit lengthier, have no fear, AndrewAllStars is here with a lengthier story recap. But do beware of spoilers with this one.



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