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Now Hurricane Helms Shoots on Donald Trump: Liar Raging Jackass

Now Hurricane Helms Shoots on Donald Trump: "Liar, Raging Jackass"

The latest professional wrestler to cut a promo on President Donald Trump today is Hurricane Helms, who took to Twitter to run down the president as a "liar" and a "raging jackass." Helms absolutely buried Trump in the promo, which took place over a series of tweets throughout the day Tuesday."Well, that's what liars do[...]

WWE Releases Drake Maverick Heath Slater Gallows and Anderson More

WWE Releases Drake Maverick, Heath Slater, Gallows and Anderson, More

Hurricane Helms implied he was let go on Twitter Reporter John Pollock has said that both Eric Young and Luke Gallows have been let go Sean Ross Sapp has added Heath Slater to the list Martin Bentley adds Lance Storm, Fit Finlay, and Mike Rotunda (IRS) as well Finlay has done a lot of work[...]