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The Thing, Natural, Cocoon Actor Wilford Brimley Dies at 85
Blair, one of the doomed researchers in John Carpenter's The Thing, a remake of The Thing from Another World (1951) Most within the cinema world praised the 1982 film as the superior work. Brimley played Pop Fisher, manager for the last place baseball club the Knights when Hobbs (Robert Redford) is recruited The old rookie eventually[...]
Roddy Piper as Nada in They Live (1988). Image courtesy of Universal
America's obsession with conformity and consumerism is as relevant as ever in 2020 as it was in 1988 when John Carpenter directed the cult-classic They Live Ironically, the presidents in both years happen to be celebrities in Ronald Reagan during the film's original release and currently Donald Trump One of the latest controversies is the[...]
"Halloween Kills" Actor Says It's the Nastiest Film Yet
Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green had a chat in the new Empire Magazine, and John Carpenter talked to Indiewire about the new escapades of Michael Myers One thing is for sure: it is going to be brutal. Universal Pictures – Halloween (2018) Halloween Kills Has So Much Potential "The first one was more about Laurie's life of[...]
John Carpenter Releases Two New Tracks, Hear Them Now
John Carpenter is releasing a new album in the fall and has dropped two new tracks today The horror icon has a 12-inch vinyl single containing the two tracks as well Many variants of it are being released, and are available for preorder right now These are a collaboration with his Halloween 2018 co-composers, his[...]
"Halloween Kills" Actor Says It's the Nastiest Film Yet
John Carpenter's idea was such a great idea, and it's amazing it's still going on David Gordon Green's interpretation of the movie with what he did on the first Halloween that we did, I'm really proud of it I think he walked the perfect line of bringing enough back of what the original Halloween felt like but also[...]
Storm Kig Grimmtown
Storm King is giving away free issues of the book John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: The Grimms Town Terror Tales to American retailers It's the first issue of series that was to have been published this year but will now be published next Storm King will also be paying for the shipping. The first issue of[...]
Halloween Watch Party promo.
Other members of the cast and crew are going to participate as well, such as John Carpenter, Blumhouse chief Jason Blum, Judy Greer, James Jude Courtney, and Nick Castle. Halloween Watch Party promo Credit Universal Halloween Behind The Scenes Stories "No one does horror quite like Blumhouse and Michael Myers Join the production company that specializes in horror[...]
with director John Carpenter, or with star Kurt Russell You can check out the excellent new cover for the release, and the special features list down below. The Cover for the Collector's Edition of Escape from L.A on Blu-Ray. Escape From L.A Special Features "Snake is BACK! On May 26th, 2020, Scream Factory proudly presents Escape from L.A. (Collector's[...]
the walking dead
To say he met some "pushback" would be an understatement – especially from Rosita (Christian Serratos) and now-we-know-she-would've-shot-Negan Judith (Cailey Fleming). But just in case you need a little help in the "horror movie vibe", the fine folks at AMC and The Walking Dead have put together this little "homage" to John Carpenter's Halloween with clips[...]
NECA's They Live 2 Pack Final Packaging Shots Revealed
The John Carpenter classic is being honored with two retro style clothed action figures Each will come with their wristwatches, a tv, magazine, newspaper, and a necklace Check the box and figures out below. Consume! Obey! A truly underrated movie of the '80s, They Live had a fun sci-fi premise hiding a deeper social commentary about[...]
Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale Ends Soon, Here's What You Should Grab While You Can
The disc includes two commentary tracks, the short film Camera by Cronenberg, an awesome roundtable from 1982 with Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Mick Garris, and John Landis, and tons more. Hoop Dreams, directed by Steve James The greatest sports documentary of all-time, and one of the best documentaries you will ever see period The film follows two young[...]
"Halloween Kills": Kyle Richards Returns as Lindsey Wallace
Another face from the 1978 John Carpenter original, Halloween is returning to the franchise in Kyle Richards, who played Lindsey Wallace, for Halloween Kills The film is the sequel to 2018's Halloween, which acts as a direct sequel to the Carpenter film effectively retconning all previous sequels of the franchise. Editorial credit: Eugene Powers / Lindsey[...]
DC Comics Adds a Blank Cover Variant to John Carpenter's Joker Comic Book
Looks like DC Comics is trying to giving a boost to sales of the upcoming Joker one-shot for Year Of The Villain written by John Carpenter? With a special blank cover version, with special paper stock suitable for getting your favourite comic book artist to draw their own version of The Joker all over it… Handy[...]