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What The Joker Did To Bane On A-Day? (Infinite Frontier Spoilers)
It concluded with Bane, shot by Thomas Wayne, and placed in a coma in Arkham Asylum. Joker War Zone art by Guillem March James Tynion IV's Joker War had Joker and his men take over Gotham, not to rule it but to ruin it Joker War Zone revealed that 2021 may see the Joker deal with Bane[...]
Defund Batman - How Bruce Wayne Changes In 2021 Thanks To Lucius Fox
But is Lucius Fox going to give it back to Bruce? With the eyes of the world on Brice Wayne, is that even a good idea? Spoilers for today's Joker War Zone #1 ahead – and probably spoilers beyond that too, for Batman #100 and #101 I'm that good In today's Joker War Zone, in a[...]
Meet New Batman Villain, Henchmaster
And in today's Joker War Zone, Josh Williamson has a go, with art from David Lafuente and Hi-Fi Welcome, Gothamites to the new villain Henchmaster. Henchmaster in Joker War Zone As we said, Henchmaster is a bit of a kabuki sumo wrestler type, a big fellow with clown makeup, tattoos, face mask, big gloves and a wrestler's[...]
No, Luke Fox is Not The New Batman in Joker War Zone #1
Joker War Zone spoilers ahead You ahve been warned A couple of weeks ago, Bleeding Cool talked about DC Comics' Poison Ivy problem for a while How there was a division at the company between those at DC Comics editorial who want to see her to return to the villain-with-a-point antagonist role And those at[...]
DC to Have Lucius Fox Almost Be Shot By Gotham Police
There is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming Joker War Zone from DC Comics Bleeding Cool may even have a few spoilery aspects of them to tease yourself with, for the likes of Poison Ivy, Bane, Lucius Fox, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain But Bleeding Cool has been informed of one aspect one[...]
No, Luke Fox is Not The New Batman in Joker War Zone #1
In a recent article looking at some PR-friendly advance artwork to Batman: The Joker War Zone, FOCing today from DC Comics, GamesRadar ran an article subheaded "Check out a first look at art from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 Is Luke Fox the new Batman?" Well, Bleeding Cool can answer that for them According to[...]
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And then we get a mention of Joker War Zone. Joker War Zone Announced By DC Comics Tomorrow For Joker War Art from DC. Main Story: Batman #95-#100 Tie-Ins: Nightwing #70-75 Detective Comics #1022 -1026 Batgirl #41- 50 Harley Quinn #75 Catwoman #25 – 26 Red Hood: Outlaw #48 Batman: The Joker War Zone Of that last title Batman: The Joker War Zone, newly announced, Tynion states; I [...]