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The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
Bleeding Cool gets word of an upcoming Joker figure for 2021 that may suggest where the Joker War may be going So obviously it's time to light up the Spoiler signal, just in case. DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: DC Toys Reveal New Look For The Joker That big enough for you? This far enough down the article[...]
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: How Catwoman Changes The Future Of Batman
The current Joker War storyline in Batman has seen The Joker use the old plans of The Designer to get Catwoman to steal Bruce Wayne's billions One hundred billion, in fact, the entire Wayne fortune now owned by The Joker At the DC Fandome Joker War panel, wrote John Ridley talks about how this changes[...]
Dick Grayson Is Back, Batgirl in Continuity - Nightwing #74 Spoilers
We've been wondering how the continuity of Nightwing and Batgirl fitted together as part of The Joker War and found it wanting, rather Today's Nightwing #74 tries its best with an editorial caption courtesy of Jessica Chen… Dick Grayson Is Back, Batgirl in Continuity – Nightwing #74 Spoilers …but it doesn't explain why Barbara wouldn't have mentioned[...]
No, Luke Fox is Not The New Batman in Joker War Zone #1
In a recent article looking at some PR-friendly advance artwork to Batman: The Joker War Zone, FOCing today from DC Comics, GamesRadar ran an article subheaded "Check out a first look at art from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 Is Luke Fox the new Batman?" Well, Bleeding Cool can answer that for them According to[...]
Comic Book Retailers, DC Comics FOC Is Tonight, Not Sunday
Including Death Metal #4 and The Joker War Zone #1 . Hey Comic Retailers, This Week;s DC Comics FOC Is Tonight, Not Sunday Arkhamaniacs TPB Batman Superman Annual #1 Batman Superman Vol 01 Who Are The Secret Six TPB Batman The Joker War Zone #1 (One Shot) Cover A Ben Oliver (Joker War) Batman The Joker War Zone #1 (One Shot)[...]
Will Batgirl Be Oracle Again? The Continuity Of Joker War (Spoilers)
Given that DC Comics continuity regarding Batgirl seems to be a bit up in the air in The Joker War with multiple meetings between Barbara Gordon and the Joker that don't seem to have any regard for the other However there are more editorial continuity captions in today's Batbooks than for quite a while –[...]
Catwoman #25 Preview
Catwoman #25 is getting a 48-page anniversary issue of the series, with new lead writer Ram V telling three stories with different artists, and it is hitting FOC tonight, so its the last chance for retailers to up their orders before it hits stores for September 15th – and remember that it's a tie-in to[...]
A New Origin (For Now At Least) For Dick Grayson In Nightwing #73 (Spoilers)
I know it won't last long but you know there will be toys, spinoffs and reprises to come – but will they stick with Dicky-Boy? NIGHTWING #73 JOKER WAR (RES) DC COMICS JUN200459 (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Ronan Cliquet (CA) Travis Moore The Joker knows Dick Grayson is Nightwing-and the plans The Joker has set in motion in this[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
He wrote back in May, I was looking at my plans for Joker War and noticed that I was missing something pretty big in the story There wasn't a POV character on the ground in Gotham City, seeing the city go to hell around them Joker War is meant to represent a shift in how Gotham[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
Was there something in that movie intended to inspire Bruce Wayne? Speak to Thomas Wayne? In somehow arrange their murder, or be placed in the movie intended to inspire a Batman? Naming it The Gotham Cut seems intended to mirror The Snyder Cut but it also looks to retcon the Batman origin by adding a[...]
Will James Tynion IV's Razorblades Go Over $100 When It Hits eBay?
Given the attention Something Is Killing The Children and Joker War are getting right now, that feels like a three-figure sum pretty much off the bat. But don't feel left out if you just want to read his new horror anthology with his bestest of friends in the tradition of Taboo, because he is also making[...]
Thank FOC It's Sunday - 22nd December 2019 -
As a special bonus, issue #3 will offer a special Premium Variant incentive for ordering all nine Premium Variants. Three Jokers covers. Batman #97 is the full throes of The Joker War We have the Dark Nights: Death Metal Guidebook Harley Quinn concludes with a Punchline fight in #75 And we also have a Wonder Woman Annual[...]
Batgirl #47 Review: Rooted In Trauma
The Joker who? The Joker who's here to have a nice chat with Barbara Gordon! Don't miss this devastating tie-in to 'Joker War'! Through means that really functionally don't matter, the Joker now has access to Batman's greatest weapons: money and secrets The entire Wayne fortune is in the hands of the Clown Prince of[...]
Venom, Ronin and Empyre Are Killing The Children - Advance Reorders
The Killing Joke Is Back In DC Continuity (Batgirl Spoilers)
Including one scene featuring Batgirl, a confessional nine-panel grid, with Barbara Gordon, rather than saying anything, simply showing the scars of the assault that once paralysed her. And now Batgirl #47, by Cecil Castellucci, Robbi Rodriguez and Tamra Bonvillain, part of The Joker War, with the Joker making a return visit to Barbara Gordon's apartment, sans[...]