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Shang-Chi Heads to Streaming for Disney+ Day on November 12th
"This day of appreciation brings to life our mission to entertain, inform, and inspire fans and families around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, and will become an annual tentpole event to be amplified across our global businesses." Disney+ Day Logo The press release for the Disney+ Day has a whole list of fun things[...]
Jungle Cruise: Cast Talks Revitalizing the Adventure Genre
It seems that another major Disney hybrid release did well enough to merit a sequel. Jungle Cruise probably would have been a bigger hit for Disney in the pre-pandemic days, but this is the reality that we live in The movie currently sits at $187 million at the worldwide box office and $100 million at the[...]
Jungle Cruise Review: Entertaining, But A Bit Redundant
The thing that will absolutely make or break a ride on the Jungle Cruise ride is your skipper If you have a good skipper, what could just be a reacting boat ride could turn into the most pun-filled minutes, you'll have in the entire park The movie Jungle Cruise seemed to understand that part of[...]
The Jungle Cruise Cast Compares the Movie to the Classic Attraction
Jungle Cruise is far from the first Disney attraction to get made into a movie, but it's not exactly easy telling an original story while also remaining true to the attraction for the fans The cast hosted a virtual press conference, and they were asked if the movie lived up to what they were picturing[...]
Jungle Cruise: Cast Talks Revitalizing the Adventure Genre
It was fairly obvious from the first trailer that Jungle Cruise was looking to hit a certain tone During the virtual press conference for the movie, the tone and what kind of genre they were trying to hit came up The cast was asked about revitalizing the adventure genre, which hasn't seen a lot of entries[...]
Jungle Cruise Review: Entertaining, But A Bit Redundant
Jungle Cruise is Disney very much trying to do the Pirates of the Caribbean thing again, and when the movie manages to nail its tone, it works very well and is extremely entertaining However, the moments when it doesn't work, it feels very redundant, like it has brought exactly nothing new to the table. Jungle Cruise[...]
Jungle Cruise: 2 New Posters, A Clip, & a Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Disney is in the final lead-up to the release of Jungle Cruise, and now that Black Widow is out, they have kicked the marketing into high gear This movie is really giving me some serious The Mummy (1999) vibes and could be one of the bigger movies of the summer if the reviews turn out strong[...]
Jungle Cruise: 7 New Character Posters and 2 New Trailers
In terms of possible surprise hits of 2021, Jungle Cruise might be the one right at the top of the list After Jumanji became a massive success, it sometimes feels like Dwayne Johnson can do no wrong when it comes to the box office This generation hasn't really had their version of The Mummy yet, which is often[...]
Jungle Cruise: 7 New Character Posters and 2 New Trailers
When it comes to Disney movies that might come out of nowhere and make a ton at the box office, Jungle Cruise might be that movie. Dwayne Johnson seems to print money at the box office, and this is the sort of movie that could do really well We'll have to see how the reviews end up[...]
Behind The Attraction Disney+ Series Takes You BTS Of Popular Rides
Executive Produced by Dwayne Johnson ("Jungle Cruise") and Dany Garcia through their Seven Bucks Productions banner, all ten episodes are directed by Brian Volk-Weiss (The Toys That Made Us) and narrated by Paget Brewster Each episode will take us behind the scenes of popular Disney Park rides like The Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, It's A[...]
Jungle Cruise Coming to Theaters & Disney Premier Access on July 30th
Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson announced on his official Instagram that the movie would be in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 30th of this year. "On JULY 30th JUNGLE CRUISE hits theaters AND your homes worldwide 🚢 🗺 ," Johnson wrote in the caption of his Instagram video that was shot shirtless in[...]
"Jungle Cruise": New Trailer Tomorrow, His and Her Posters
They have contributed a reworked version of their song Nothing Else Matters to the soundtrack of the live-action Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt Jungle Cruise film Working closely with the film's composer James Newton Howard, the song apparently plays a key part in the movie A long-time Disney fan, Ulrich recently sat down with Collider and discussed[...]