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Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen Revoltech Re-releases Arrive from Kaiyodo
It looks like Kaiyodo is getting into the swing of things (pun intended) as they announce the reissue to two Spider-Man Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech figures Spider-Man No.004 and Spider-Gwen No.004 are making their glorious return allowing collectors to bypass those terrible China fakes Both figures are loaded with accessories Fromm swappable hands, heads, and web[...]
Deadpool Gets An X-Force Variant With New 2.0 Revoltech Figure
It now looks like Kaiyodo is also reading a variant version of the figure feating Deadpool inches popular X-Force costume This popular costume lives again, showing off Wade Wilson in his black and grey superset instead of his usual blood red design the figure is the exact same as the previous release stating 6" tall[...]
Marvel Comics Aaron Davis Iron Spider Comes to Kaiyodo
Kaiyodo is back with a special variant of their recently announce Spider-Man Iron Spider Revoltech figure This time we are getting a unique back and gold variant, adding some class to the iconic Civil War costume This is no simple variant either, as this suit design did arrive in Marvel Comics in 2017 with Spider-Man[...]
Celebrate 25 Years of Evangelion With New Kaiyodo Eva Pilot Statues
The last film is almost here, and Kaiyodo is here to celebrate the history of Evangelion with some new 1/7 scale statues These statues are dedicated to the Girls of Evangelion with their new EVA Girls line with three iconic pilots getting ready to suit up once again Classic EVA Pilots Asuka and Red are[...]
The Joker Gets His Own Revoltech Figure From Kaiyodo
Kaiyodo has announced its newest Revoltech figure from the world of DC Comics The deadly Clown Prince of Crime, Joker, has arrived as he stands 6.8" tall and 40 points of articulation The Joker will get a wide variety of accessories including two interchangeable heads that will feature moveable eyes Other included accessories will be[...]
Wonder Woman Gets Amazing with New Revoltech from Kaiyodo
You can now bring it home your own Wonder Woman with the new Revoltech figure from Kaiyodo She comes in at 5.9 inches tall, is insanely poseable, stocked with accessories and highly detailed This figure doesn't hold back and is just throwing accessories at us One Roman comes with three separate faceplates, one being angry[...]
Gambit Collage
Check out pics and details below, and preorder asap. Gambit from Marvel's "X-Men" comics joins the Amazing Yamaguchi action figure team by Kaiyodo!  He's insanely poseable to get into (and out of!) lots of heroic situations, and his coat is articulated as well for lots of drama!  He comes with two facial expressions, six interchangeable hands,[...]