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The Seinfeld Episode That Really, Really Didn't Age Well
 And not the good cringe that Larry David mastered throughout the series and then took to new heights with Curb Your Enthusiasm later on  No, this is a cringe that in the post-"Me Too" era really makes you feel pretty icky for watching and for it to be something you are intended to laugh at. Image: Screencap Now The Masseuse[...]
When Larry David Says "Yes I Can Hear You Cl
Spoilers, I suppose, if you care about such things. So Larry David appears in the recording booth on Toast's laptop, Bill Hader as producer Dwight Difference is zooming in to his own house from Alaska, and Paul Rudd playing himself trying to get into the party on the intercom. I do not know how long I have[...]
Seinfeld Reunion Sans Jerry Hosted by Texas Democrats
Participating are stars Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes), Jason Alexander (George Costanza), and co-creator Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) Not participating (or at least advertised) is actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld, which the series is based on his stand-up, and Michael Richards (Kramer), who's likely persona non-grata due to his controversial stand-up tirade. Jason Alexander as George Costanza[...]
Curb Your Enthusiasm
That's right, the cable giant announced on Tuesday that viewers will have Larry David (Seinfeld) to kick around for at least one more season, with Curb Your Enthusiasm set to return for an eleventh season (and putting it over the "100th episode" mark). A look at Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm (Image: HBO) Series creator David[...]
Curb Your Enthusiasm
In a parody of all the Superhero films going on in Hollywood, HBO has released a new teaser trailer for the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David In it, Larry is the hero we need, but he's just not in the mood The series, which debuted back in 2000, was created by Larry,[...]