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"Lost in Space": Netflix's Family Sci-Fi Adventure Series Ending with Season 3

Looks like Netflix's Lost in Space mission was a three-season one, with the streaming service announcing Monday that the family sci-fi adventure series will be back for a third and final season. But even as the series reaches the end of the Robinson Family's epic journey to Alpha Centauri, series executive producer/showrunner Zack Estrin will be […]

Netflix New Adds in December: Marriage Story, The Two Popes, Bond, and More

Netflix New Adds in December: Marriage Story, The Two Popes, Bond, and More

Netflix adds in December will include awards favorite Marriage Story, the Austin Powers series, many Christmas films, Ryan Reynolds thriller 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay, all of the Pierce Brosnan Bond films, and Malcolm X. New shows debuting include the much-anticipated Netflix produced The Witcher, a new season of You, V Wars Season 2, […]

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Own Pieces of Batman History and More with Azarian Auction

Batman and Robin to the Batmobile, their costumes having to put up for sale. Now this one is a real treat hear you guys and gals the Azarian collection if you don't know is founded by John Azarian who collected iconic items from shows and movies he loved as a kid. Most of these items […]

Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year

Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year

Diamond Select will have so many SDCC exclusives at this years show it will make your head spin. Ghostbusters figures, Marvel Gallery statues and busts, a Harley Quinn statue, Vinimates galore, Pacific Rim and Muppets figures, Star Trek ships, Star Wars Gentle Giant busts, and so much more. This may be the most exclusives DST […]

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Molly Parker on Returning for 'Deadwood: The Movie', Character Chemistry

We are SO CLOSE to the premiere of HBO's much-longed for continuation of David Milch-created Shakespearean Western series Deadwood by way of Deadwood: The Movie. 13 years ago, the series was unceremoniously cancelled before getting to end it's tale of the South Dakota mining town denizens. It felt, to fans and cast alike, that the camp candle had […]

The Americans

'The Americans' Complete Series, Classic 'Lost in Space' Home Release Coming

Fox just announced 7 different television series box sets are coming next month (February 2019), and we are super excited about them. The top on the list (for >this< reporter anyway) is FX's incredible drama series, The Americans. It'll be the complete series, all six seasons of Cold War spy intrigue and some of the best […]

Netflix Wants to Know Your Sign with New Zodiac Chart

Netflix is getting a little personal on Twitter today (okay, well, the NXOnNetflix account), posting a new zodiac chart. Made up of images of new available profile avatar icons for streaming service users, the chart features some familiar faces: The only horoscope that counts. pic.twitter.com/HmhCBoXpFG — NX (@NXOnNetflix) July 30, 2018 It starts with Jessica […]

Titan SDCC Exclusive Game of Thrones 4.5" Viserion – Wight Dragon

Titan Bringing Alien, Beatles, Preacher, GOT, and More Exclusives to SDCC

Titan Entertainment is bringing the big guns to SDCC in the form of exclusives. Everything from Alien to The Beatles will have merchandise available to purchase at their booth, always a lively one on the show floor. Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Powerpuff Girls figures, Star Trek and Preacher books that include show exclusives […]

More Danger for Will Robinson as Netflix Renews 'Lost in Space' for Season 2

With all the buzz surrounding Netflix's reboot of the Lost in Space franchise, it comes as no surprise that the series has been renewed for a second season, as Deadline reports. The series launched to a reported 3.16 million viewers on its first day, according to Nielsen, making it the third best premiere day following Stranger Things […]

Lost in Space

Bear Walker Crafts a 'Lost in Space'-Inspired Skateboard

Legendary Television and Bear Walker Industries have collaborated on a limited-edition collector's board inspired by the new Lost in Space series. Now streaming on Netflix, the science fiction show follows the Robinson family as they fight against all odds to survive after crash landing on an alien planet and finding themselves surrounded by hidden dangers. […]

Netflix's 'Lost In Space' Reboot is Surprisingly Good

Maybe you're the wrong age bracket to remember the original Lost In Space tv series, or perhaps the title brings up images of the 1998 film.  That's about to change, thanks to Netflix. When the streaming service first announced they were looking at bringing the classic to a new audience, I'm sure several readers thought that […]

Lost in Space

Lost in Space Season 1: Featurette of the Robinsons' Journey

Netflix has released a new featurette for their upcoming reboot of the classic sci-fi adventure television series, Lost in Space. Meet the Robinson family as they blast off on an edge-of-your-seat adventure to establish a new colony in space, but find themselves suddenly pulled off course and crash landed on a lost planet. This first […]

Lost in Space Trailer: Enough Danger for the Entire Robinson Family

As we can see from the first official trailer for Netflix's upcoming Lost in Space reboot, the danger to Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) is about to get very, very real when the series premieres on April 13. Written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless with Zack Estrin (Prison Break) serving as showrunner, the new series sees […]

Lost in Space

First Look at Netflix's 'Lost in Space' Reboot

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming reboot of Lost in Space. Based on the 1965 science fiction series created by Irwin Allen that ran for 3 seasons / 83 episodes, the new Lost in Space is being written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless with Zack Estrin as the showrunner. The first […]

All the Glorious Science Fiction TV You Can (and Should) Watch This Year

When we keep saying it's going to be a strong year for science fiction television, there are some obvious reasons why. Sure, I'm going to include some not 'hard' sci-fi shows (like the superhero ones), it's a seriously impressive lineup of watchable offerings in 2018. I'm going to start with the series that just hit […]

Mina Sundwall Joins The Cast Of Lost In Space

Casting for the Netflix reboot of Irwin Allen's 1965 cult sci-fi series Lost In Space continues as Mina Sundwall joins the cast as Penny Robinson. She joins a cast that already includes: Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Parker Posey, Taylor Russell and Ignacio Serricchio. The series is set to debut in 2018. Penny was played by Angela […]

Parker Posey Joins Netflix's Lost In Space Remake

Word came out yesterday that Parker Posey had joined Netflix's upcoming remake of Lost in Space. When I heard that, I tried to picture her as Maureen Robinson, a role played before by June Lockhart and Mimi Rogers… and I just couldn't see it. Then I looked deeper into the report and saw that she […]

Superman Returns' Parker Posey To Join Netflix's Lost In Space Reboot

Because it appears there's no series' corpses that networks won't drag out of the crypts to dust off and try to turn into a new show, Netflix's efforts to bring Lost In Space back to the screen in 2018 has taken another step forward in the casting of their new, Dr. Smith. Deadline is reporting […]