Prodigal Son Renewed for Season 2 - Review

Prodigal Son Season 2: Our Thoughts on That Ainsley-Focused Teaser

Although the viewers both hoped and kinda suspected, Prodigal Son has been officially renewed for a second season with Ainsley (Holston Sage) taking center stage in the teaser that was released on Thursday. Ainsley did what Bright (Tom Payne) didn't have the nerve to do: murder Endicott (Dermot Mulroney), the man responsible for hurting so […]

Malcolm Can't Figure Out How He Was Framed | Season 1 Ep. 20 | PRODIGAL SON

Prodigal Son: Our Thoughts on FOX Series' Season 2 Possibilities

Malcolm had a perfect opportunity to shoot the man responsible for hurting so many people, including his family and killing his girlfriend Instead of seizing the opportunity, he pretty much began a metaphorical mantra of reading him his rights.  Mind you, we have a throwback to episode one of the show: Malcolm sawed the arm[...]

Malcolm Has A Dream He's In Prison | Season 1 Ep. 20 | PRODIGAL SON

Prodigal Son Review: Like Father a Bloody Brilliant Season-Ender

Malcolm (Tom Payne) gets a chance to redeem his eight-year-old self and finally save The Girl in the Box A very exciting, turbulent episode that definitely left a ton to be addressed during what we're assuming will be a second season One of the best things about this show has been resolutions of cliffhangers and[...]

Bright hunts for an assassin on Prodigal Son, courtesy of FOX.

Prodigal Son Season 1 The Professionals Review: Family Divided, United

The opening to this week's episode of FOX's Prodigal Son opens in 1999, as two devils sit around a table at Claremont psychiatric facility and make a deal over a very expensive bottle of wine. The room had potential, not exactly the upper east side with chandeliers and gold crown molding but not a bad […]

Tom Payne stars in Prodigal Son, courtesy of FOX.

Prodigal Son Previews Bright's Desperate and Deadly Family Reunion

I'm doubtful that she'll ever be seen again, and I’m wondering why Endicott never took her out. "Prodigal Son" season 1, episode 19 "The Professionals": After a catastrophic turn of events, Malcolm and Ainsley are convinced there’s more to Nicholas Endicott (guest star Dermot Mulroney) than meets the eye[...]

Prodigal Son -- EP 118 -- "Scheherazade"

"Prodigal Son" Spins Taut, Twisted Tale with "Scheherazade" [REVIEW]

Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX.[/caption]This part had me shocked, why would Malcolm so easily offer to take Eve to see his father unless there was an evil backhanded ploy in play - and there was Eve theatrically crosses the red line in Claremont and slaps The Surgeon, who is outraged thinking that he was merely meeting his[...]

Prodigal Son -- EP 118 -- "Scheherazade"

"Prodigal Son": Someone Has Tales to Tell In "Scheherazade" [PREVIEW]

Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX.[/caption] Can we please address Malcolm’s (Tom Payne) quick attachment to her, the woman betrayed him, infiltrated his family to get intel on them, got under all of their skin, meanwhile, all she really had to do was ask and both Jessica (Bellamy Young) and Bright would have gladly given her all the answers[...]

"Prodigal Son" Flatlines with Weak "Girl in the Box" Reveal [REVIEW]

With plots like baby stealing, a dead husband, and the expectation of finally finding out who "The Girl in the Box" was, I was excited in anticipation of it - but there was just an overall emptiness and lack of buy in. Typically, I easily relate to each character and Prodigal Son does an exceptional job[...]

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"Prodigal Son": Aurora Perrineau Offers Behind the (Crime) Scenes Tour

So FOX's Prodigal Son isn't exactly pulling its punches (though "need to stab" would be more appropriate) as it builds towards its season finale. Clearly, Eve's (Molly Griggs) got a helluva' lot more of a Whitly Family "bond" than we first thought – leaving Ainsley (Halston Sage) to do a little deep-digging into Eve's past to […]

Prodigal Son Episode 12 “Internal Affairs”

"Prodigal Son" Season 1 "Internal Affairs" Drops Effective, Whiplash-Causing Twist [SPOILER REVIEW]

Internal Affairs really showcases Gil’s (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Bright’s foster type father/son relationship, and how Bright has clearly in his own unique way won the trust of the NYPD. incident occurs at the precinct, vague details, and subliminal messages imply that Bright is very much to blame.  After a very public and heated argument[...]