"Prodigal Son" Season 1 "The Job" Didn't Require Lots of Hard Work – Then That Ending Hit Us [SPOILER REVIEW]

Eagerly awaiting the return of FOX's Prodigal Son, "The Job" at first appeared to be a more subdued, easy-going episode. Yes, there were multiple homicides; Martin (Michael Sheen) couldn't help but manipulate his family; while Jessica (Bellamy Young) continued to work on a plan to destroy her husband's very essence.

Bright (Tom Payne) is reunited with an old friend and had a cathartic moment gaining insight and resolution into his trust issues, while also realizing that there is good in some people. The episode was smoothly chugging along, as I enjoyed a motorcycle gangs stealing $20 million worth of watches, and some serious psychopathology of the killer, essentially if I can't have her, I'll kill other people who look like her… and then the last 2 minutes happened, and I felt my skin go cold, well at least now we kind of know why Eve (Molly Griggs) is so involved with the Whitly family.

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Martin is awake, alert, and back to being a sadistic exploiter. As his wife and son urge him to please tell the NYPD that Jessica was forced to stab him by the serial killer, Martin has absolutely no issue with that if Malcolm agrees to see him twice every 10 days. Having no other option than to agree, turns out Martin is much needed this week, seems like the family is back together again…wait, what happened to Ainsley (Halston Sage). Dr. Whitly even assists Bright with blackmailing a surgeon to get access and speak to a victim during brain surgery – exposed brain scene, very Hannibal Lecter.

While Bright is trying to get back in to Eve's good graces with the help of his mother coordinating a phone call and a date, Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) interrupts with a new homicide. A thrill killer, the motive seemed to be a motorcycle gang stealing some expensive merchandise, so why kill the manager? The victim was isolated, and taken out by a bullet at close range.

While on scene, Bright encounters an old buddy Vijay (Dhruv Uday Singh): the two had a falling out years ago when having fathers locked up was no longer a commonality they shared. Vajay is there from an insurance standpoint to locate the stolen goods and asks to partner up with the NYPD, offering his assistance. Bright accepts, cautiously. Vajay does provide Gil's team with a lead on a few motorcycle gangs, and there is a pattern with the recent killings of curly-haired women – an MO?

Narrowing the perpetrators down to a Coop Leader sporting the Chinese phoenix, Malcolm figures out that Vajay is scheduling a meet to buy back the watches. Malcolm clearly doesn't trust him – not then, not now. Eve and Malcolm settle in for a nice dinner at home, sharing a moment when he explains to her that the night he attacked her, he was dreaming of the 'girl in the box'.

Not too pleased with this development. Dani (Aurora Perrineau) is a much better match for him, something that becomes all too clear by the end of the episode. Malcolm is called away by Gil: Vajay lost his tail, but Bright seems to know where he is going – and their friendship and trust is about to be tested.

Yet again alone (???), Bright tracks down Vajay: comraderie in tow, they both get bagged-n-tagged and dumped into the back of a van. While Vajay goes off to make a deal with gang leader Coop, Bright works to figure out which one of the bad guys is bloodthirsty.

Bright manipulates the gang members to shoot each other in a really great scene -though two of them don't die. As Malcolm is about to come close to losing Life #7 (How many lives does this man have?), Vajay comes through to save the day and kills the perp with his car – trust restored! Good team work. A new "dynamic duo" for Prodigal Son?

BTW… how kind of Eve to stop by Jessica's house and offer to help her locate "The Girl in the Box"…

Wait, why is Eve taking the stairs down to the basement?

Why is she having Bright's flashbacks to the chest and the body trapped inside?

Why is she crying?

Why is she getting into the trunk and shutting it?


That girl is just bad news, isn't she? Seemed too good to be true – with her kind, all-accepting demeanor, we all should have suspected something fishy. Eve got into human trafficking because of her sister, my prediction?

Eve's sister was "The Girl in the Box", though that doesn't fully explain her vivid "memories" of it unless her sister survived, and relayed the story. An unexpected twist of events, Prodigal Son continues to impress… and I'm very curious to see how this all pays off.

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