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Marvel Team-Up #6 [Preview]
Marvel Team-Up #6 is in stores next week from Marvel Team-Up… or Ms Marvel Team-Up, as we learned the series is really called when we also learned it was canceled with this issue In any case, this story is by Clint McElroy, Ig Guara, Felipe Sobreira, and Clayton Cowles, and we've got a final issue[...]
Marvel Solicit Covers... temp
Marvel Team-Up relaunched earlier this year, presumably as an ongoing series, as it wasn't listed as a mini And soon enough, it became clear it was a second Ms Marvel ongoing series, as Ms Marvel stayed the star for the book's second storyline as Spider-Man, star of the original Marvel Team-Up, exited. But maybe it wasn't[...]
Captain Marvel, Grammar Nazi? Marvel Team-Up #4 [Preview]
But could Carol Danvers also be a secret Grammar Nazi? In this preview of Marvel Team-Up #4, Carol arrives on the scene of a Damage Control warehouse with a correction about proper abbreviations… More importantly, though, there's a matter of technology being stolen from these warehouses, and though Ms Marvel was supposed to watch the warehouse[...]
Spider-Man Unmasks Again in Marvel Team-Up #2 (Preview)
But in next week's Marvel Team-Up #2, Spider-Man unmasks again Except it's not technically Spider-Man doing the unmasking… That's right, Spider-Man and Ms Marvel have switched bodies, also not the first time that's happened… And Ms Marvel immediately become curious and decides to take peek under the mask, only to learn… Well, now that the cat is out[...]
Surprise: Classic Marvel Team-Up Issues Come to Marvel Unlimited
But in addition to those announced in press releases each month, Marvel often adds additional classic comics with no fanfare to the service on a weekly basis. This week sees the addition of several issues of Marvel Team-Up Specifically, Marvel has added Marvel Team-Up #53, featuring a story by Bill Mantlo, John Byrne, Frank Giacoia, Don[...]
Adulting is Hard in Next Week's Marvel Team-Up #1
Next week sees the launch of new Marvel Team-Up series, from Eve Ewing and Joey Vazquez, starring two heroes of their respective generations: Ms Marvel and Spider-Man Ms Marvel, of course, is the most well-known hero of Generation Z, while Spider-Man is the most well-known Millennial hero in the Marvel Universe But it isn't just[...]