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We The People - a Civics Remix Coming this summer From Netflix
Creator Chris Nee (Laughing Wild) and Executive Producers Barack Obama and Michelle Obama present We The People, a music event that should make any American proud The musical series of ten vibrantly animated videos combines musicians' voices together with directors' artistic visions for a civics remix geared towards a new generation.  Cr COURTESY OF NETFLIX ©[...]
Obamas Teaming With the Russo Brothers For Netflix Film 'Exit West'
Barack and Michelle Obama are teaming up with MCU royalty The Russo Brothers for a new film for Netflix Titled Exit West, it is based on Mohsin Hamid's bestselling book In 2017, the book was listed on Barack Obama's best of list from that year, which is a huge deal Riz Ahmed is in talks[...]
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Showtime and Viola Davis (ABC's How to Get Away with Murder) are teaming up to bring the story of First Lady Michelle Obama's time in The White House to the small screen in First Ladies The hour-long drama was put on a fast-track development deal that includes a three-script commitment, with the first season focusing[...]
Remembering Stan Lee, Migos' Carpool Karaoke, and Time Travel Sasquatch Adventures with Colbert (BC's Late-Night Rewind)
We Love You Back, Sarah Silverman! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx80USutBm8Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sarah's Trumpsgiving Monologue | I Love You, America on Hulu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx80USutBm8) Number 5: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Michelle Obama Speaking of Silverman, her ex-husband/comedy partner (remember when the best bit Kimmel ever did was her song about Matt Damon?) Kimmel spoke to Obama and gave[...]
Netflix and the Obamas Sign Multi-Year Deal for Various Series and Specials
Back in March, we reported on the widely-believed-to-be-true rumor that Former President of the United States Barack Obama and his amazing wife Michelle Obama were looking at some kind of multi-part deal with streaming service Netflix Turns out that was completely true. Netflix and chill with the Obamas Today Netflix revealed that former POTUS and FLOTUS have indeed entered[...]
WASHINGTON - JUNE 29: US President Barack Obama with the first lady Michelle Obama next to him gives speech from the East Room of the White House June 29, 2009 in Washington, DC
This is still pretty darn deep in rumor territory, but there is a report from the New York Times that American power-couple of Michelle and Barack Obama may be in talks with Netflix to produce original exclusive series (as in multiple) for the streaming service. WASHINGTON – JUNE 29: US President Barack Obama with the first[...]
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As it currently stands, Black Panther will make more than $235 million in four days, topping the previous record-holder, Deadpool, which earned $152 million. In the wake of Black Panther's astonishing (to everyone but Bleeding Cool, who predicted exactly this) box office success, former First Lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter to congratulate everyone involved. Congrats to[...]
Bill Sienkeiwicz Draws Tribute To The Obamas
His images of Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama are stunning The piece featuring the Michelle Obama was posted today, with the tags #Class and #WomenWhoHaveInspiredMe…   Thank you #POTUS .#MichelleObama #BarackFarewell #InagurationDay2017 #Resistance #ResistTrump AND #HOPE, now more than ever pic.twitter.com/c7XiPKu8bj — Bill Sienkiewicz (@sinKEVitch) January 20, 2017 #POTUS Portrait variation, softer, more subdued[...]
Will Kids Sneak A Miles Morales Spider-Man Comic To Barack Obama?
Acme Comics in Greensboro, North Carolina entertained a group of third grade students from The Sumner Elementary school this morning before they left to meet Michelle Obama tomorrow for the planting of the White House Kitchen Garden. But they didn't leave empty handed Acme Comics staff gave them copies of Ultimate Fallout #4, the first appearance[...]