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Need For Speed Developer Explains Why The Game Is Always Online
Many consumers hate the idea of having to be connected to the internet at all times as it doesn't mesh with those who only care about single player and don't want internet problems to plague their experiences. That is why some might turn their nose up at the idea of Need For Speed being always online[...]
Need For Speed Plays Up The FMV In Gamescom Trailer
After taking a year off in 2014, Need for Speed is back this year in a somewhat rebooted form It seems to be taking a lot of cues from Need for Speed: Underground which is pretty inspired in my book This series is at its best when it is being more outrageous. During EA's Gamescom press[...]
Need For Speed Took Year Off Because Annual Release Are 'Confusing'
Need for Speed took last year off for the first time in a while Before that, it was a title you could expect to see each Christmas alongside Fifa, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed The franchise is returning this year though rebooted just as Need for Speed But why take the year off at[...]
EA Say They Don't Know If There Will Be A Need For Speed In 2016
Need for Speed is back after taking a year off in 2014 The game has been partially rebooted too, returning the series back to a more Need for Speed: Underground vibe. But after this next one is out, what does that mean for 2016? Is the series about to get annualised once again? According to EA's[...]
Which Of These Cars Is Real, And Which Is In Need For Speed?
The graphics engines that people can work in now are insane and that dream of playing video games that are nearly indistinguishable from reality are getting clearer in sight. Case and point, look at these pictures made in the upcoming Need for Speed engine posted up on Speed Hunters Ghost Games created this render of a car in[...]
Need For Speed Will Require An Internet Connection At All Times
Destiny for example is a better game for it. That's why I don't feel anything necessarily for the news that the new Need For Speed will be always online In a series of tweets by the franchise, it was revealed the required internet connection to play the game. The Tweet said: @NeedforSpeed: @DeanRheims NFS will require an online[...]
Need For Speed Release Date Leaked By Xbox?
It seems that the website has now let out some key details regarding the release of EA's Need for Speed reboot. As screen grabbed by reddit (via IGN) before it was taken down, a listing for the game showed up stating that it would be out on November 3rd That seems about right, as most of[...]
Need For Speed Gets A Reboot Bringing The Series Back To Basics
So remember that Need for Speed game that was getting announced, today? Well, it's a reboot of the series. The game, which is just titled Need for Speed, has been officially revealed, showing that the franchise is planning to go back to its more outlandish days and channel a little Need for Speed: Underground. In an interview with Eurogamer,[...]
New Need For Speed To Be Announced On Thursday
Need for Speed took the year off last Christmas, which was probably good for the series It didn't need a new iteration every 12 months and giving Ghost Games the time to craft a truly next gen racer is probably a good play. We've known for a while the game would be returning this year, and[...]
A New Need For Speed Game Is Probably Set For This Christmas
Need for Speed had a bit of a rest last year, breaking the yearly release schedule it was on beforehand That's probably for the best I like Need for Speed plenty and even I was getting a little tired of seeing it every year. Having had that year off though, I'm all for jumping back into[...]
Need For Speed Offering Free Early Screenings Across North America
Fans of EA's Need for Speed video game franchise, fans of Breaking Bad or Aaron Paul, or just fans of fast cars in movies will have the chance to see the big screen adaptation of Need for Speed nearly a month earlier than it releases in theaters to the general public – if you live[...]
New Need For Speed Featurette Takes Us To Driving School With Aaron Paul
This new featurette for video game adaptation Need for Speed takes us to driving school with star Aaron Paul, who learned some stunt driving for his first major film role. [youtube][/youtube] The key, here, is to not hit the cones, because the cones represent cameramen who will sort of casually be putting themselves in the path of[...]
New Posters: Need For Speed, Grand Budapest Hotel And More
All of Wes Anderson's newest quirky characters at their most Wes Anderson-ish on the new poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel. I'm pretty sure an action scene set against a silhouette of a man is one of those Cliche Movie Posters We're Tired of, but this happens to be my favorite poster cliche so I'm actually[...]
Need For Speed Full Length Trailer Drives Aaron Paul Towards Exposition City
Last we saw of Jesse Pinkman, he was driving away while screaming/crying at being free at last from Breaking Bad… and it looks like he drove straight into Need for Speed, the adaptation of the bestselling EA video game series A new, full length trailer has been just been released. [youtube][/youtube] Gone, in this trailer, is the[...]