Need For Speed Full Length Trailer Drives Aaron Paul Towards Exposition City

Last we saw of Jesse Pinkman, he was driving away while screaming/crying at being free at last from Breaking Bad… and it looks like he drove straight into Need for Speed, the adaptation of the bestselling EA video game series. A new, full length trailer has been just been released.


Gone, in this trailer, is the heavy dramatic voice-over and montages of the first trailer. Instead, we get bombarded with all the reasons why Aaron Paul is seeking vengeance and why a high speed race in futuristic sports cars is the answer.

I was one of the few who actually really liked the stylized, video-game-trailer-mimicking tone of the first trailer, winking at its roots, while this new one makes it look a bit more generic, like just another studio trying to cash in on some Fast and Furious money. Though, certainly, Paul leading the cast is a major plus. March 14th, 2014 will be a big test of his potential for big screen leading man status.

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