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"Trails Of Cold Steel III" Is Getting a Special Twitch Stream Next Week
It looks like we're going to be getting some kind of special announcement about Trails of Cold Steel III as NIS America are planning a livestream The announcement came over Twitter, in which the company announced that series producer Toshihiro Kondo would be joining them, but didn't go into details about the subject matter The[...]
NIS America Announced "Disgaea 4 Complete+" For October Release
Cool news from NIS America this morning as Disgaea 4 Complete+ will be coming to both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall The company revealed all of the details and features below, along with more specific dates as the game will be released in North America on October 29th and in Europe on November[...]
NIS America Announces Disgaea 4 Complete+ at E3 2019
Hopefully, we'll learn more about the game sometime today at the NIS booth. credit//NIS America When the ruling powers of Hades are revealed to be corrupt, Valvatorez must spark a rebellion to bring them down! Armed to the teeth with dynamic, over-the-top gameplay and a horde of special features, this is the ultimate Disgaea! Disgaea 4 Complete+[...]
Lapis x Labyrinth Reveals Character Classes in Latest Trailer
In case you were wondering what kind of jobs are available to you in Lapis x Labyrinth, NIS America has a new trailer showing them off The eight jobs that you can choose from are Hunter, Necromancer, Gunner, Witch, Shielder, Bishop, Maid, and Destroyer Yes, you read that correctly, Maid is an option in a[...]
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen is Coming Sometime in 2020
During a press event with NIS America today, we got word that Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen will be coming out in 2020 There's no window set for it yet, only that we'll see it in Europe and North America on the PS4 and a digital-only version on the Vita Also, it appears there will[...]
Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers is Getting a Western Release
NIS America revealed today that North America and Europe will see a release of Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers on PS4 and Nintendo Switch The game doesn't have an official date yet beyond the window of Fall 2019, but there will be two special editions of the game when it comes out A Time Capsule Edition, containing COGS[...]
NIS America Will Release The Alliance Alive HD Remastered
During a press event today, NIS America confirmed and released a trailer for the upcoming game The Alliance Alive HD Remastered As you might suspect, it's a totally cleaned up and modernized version of the game, set to be released in Fall 2019 for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch It's a little weird since the[...]
NIS America to Release SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on PS4
Good news for PS4 players who love retro games: NIS America will release the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection in a couple months The collection for the PS4 will be released on March 19th and will include the entire library of games released so far, which includes all the DLC content and even the two more[...]
RPG Maker MV Delayed Until Later in 2019 Due to Development Issues
It looks like you can add RPG Maker MV to the list of games currently in development hell as NIS America revealed a delay The company sent out the following information earlier today, letting fans know that the game would be pushed back until later this year due to issues in the development process. credit//NIS America The release for RPG[...]
SNK 40th Anniversary Edition Receives 11 New Games in DLC
NIS America has announced that SNK 40th Anniversary Edition has added 11 new games totally free for you to download as the first DLC pack The 11 new titles added to the mix are Munch Mobile, Fantasy, Sasuke vs Commander, Chopper I, Time Soldiers, Bermuda Triangle, Paddle Mania, Ozma Wars, Beast Busters, SAR: Search, and[...]
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Will Get 11 New Free Games
NIS American announced this week that those of you who have the Switch version of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection are getting free games 11 old-school titles will be added to the library as a free DLC bundle, which includes Beast Busters, Bermuda Triangle, Time Soldiers Ozma Wars, Munch Mobile, Sasuke vs Commander, Paddle Mania, Search and Rescue, and World[...]
NIS America Introduces All Four Characters for The Princess Guide
NIS America has released a new trailer this week showing off all the four main characters for their upcoming release of The Princess Guide Before the game gets released on the PS4 and Switch sometime in early 2019, we get introduced to Lillartie, Veronica, Monomaria, and Alpana, complete with character descriptions from the devs as they[...]
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Receives a Release Date
This week, NIS America released a brand new trailer for The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, complete with an official release date for the game It will officially come out on February 12th, 2019, for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch This is actually a really fun platformer that we got to try out earlier[...]
NIS America Announce Their Final PS Vita Games
Of all the publishers still working with the PS Vita, NIS America has been a constant in bringing games to the west for the mobile console With Sony announcing they're no longer producing systems, that train is coming to an end So NIS has announced the last three games they'll be producing for the system with[...]
NIS America Introduces Five New Characters to The Caligula Effect: Overdose
NIS America has released a new trailer this week for The Caligula Effect: Overdose, introducing five new student characters to the game as we learn more on the story Like a lot of anime-based games, the storyline itself is kind of shrouded in mystery as we're given bits and pieces from a cartoon combined with the[...]