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Trials Of Cold Steel 4 Main Art
NIS America announced today that The Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel IV will be headed to the PS4 in the Fall of 2020 The next chapter of the series will, at least according to the trailer we have below, will be the last chapter But they're not going out with a regular old[...]
"Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories" Gets A New Trailer
Almost sent out with perfect timing to the news happening today, we got a brand new trailer from NIS America for Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories This particular trailer focuses on the choices that you make in the game and how they affect your character As you make the call of what will happen in[...]
NIS America Reveals "Kemono Heroes" At PAX East 2020
NIS America announced a brand new game from PAX East 2020 this morning as they'll be releasing Kemono Heroes today on Nintendo Switch Developed by Mad gear Games, this is a 1-4 player co-op adventure platformer where you'll team up using a team of animals with different abilities The game has four different worlds with[...]
"Little Town Hero" Comes to PS4 with Special "Big Idea
Credit: NIS America Did you miss out on the Nintendo Switch version of Game Freak's Little Town Hero? Not to worry, because it's headed to PlayStation 4. NIS America will handle publishing duties as the game makes its way to North America this June on PS4, in addition to a new physical version for both the Switch[...]
"Little Town Hero" Big Idea Edition Is Getting A Physical Release
Here's some added info from the publisher on this version of Little Town Hero. Credit: NIS America In an isolated village on the edge of the world, a young boy named Axe dreams of seeing the outside world, although everyone is forbidden from venturing beyond the town borders However, everything changes when a giant monster suddenly attacks the[...]
NIS America Reveals A New Gameplay Trailer For "La-Mulana 1 & 2"
The folks over at NIS America dropped a brand new gameplay trailer this week for La-Mulana 1 & 2, which is on the way to consoles this March It's kind of cool to see the updates as you explore the caves looking for treasure and artifacts, along with friends and foes you have to deal[...]
"Trails Of Cold Steel III" Is Getting a Special Twitch Stream Next Week
Falcom and NIS America have released a new accolades trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III now that it's out Mainly the trailer is here to show off the praise the game received over the past few weeks, not much else here aside from a better look at it if you[...]
"The Alliance Alive HD Remastered' Receives A PC Release Date
NIS America released new information today for The Alliance Alive HD Remastered as the game now has a release date for PC You'll now be able to snag the game on Steam on January 16th, 2020 Along with that comes a new official game description, which we have for you below. Credit: NIS America The Alliance Alive HD[...]
"Disgaea 4 Complete+" Demo is Out Now For PS4 and Switch
Disgaea 4 Complete+ is out now on PlayStation 4 and Switch, but you can try it for free right now. Credit: NIS America The game just launched as of October 16, so you can just buy a copy But there's actually a free demo you can download ahead of that to see if it's a game you'll[...]
NIS America Announces "La-Mulana 1 & 2" For A 2020 Release
Prior to PAX West, NIS America announced they would be releasing a special box set for La-Mulana 1 & 2, set to come out in 2020 As you can see from the image as well as the trailer here, it's your standard box of goodies WHich includes a soundtrack, a pizzle, an art book, and[...]
"Utawarerumono: ZAN" Reveals New Characters In Latest Trailer
NIS America released a brand new trailer for Utawarerumono: ZAN this week, revealing new characters coming to the game We'll finally be seeing the game come to the west on September 10th on the PS4, but before that, we get to see who joins us on the battlefield this time around Enjoy the trailer! credit//NIS America On[...]
"Trails Of Cold Steel III" Is Getting a Special Twitch Stream Next Week
This week, NIS America announced that The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will be getting a release date change for the Fall of  2019 According to the announcement, in order to "guarantee as successful a launch window as possible", the developers have pushed the release to October 29th, 2019 The company didn't[...]
"Trails Of Cold Steel III" Is Getting a Special Twitch Stream Next Week
It looks like we're going to be getting some kind of special announcement about Trails of Cold Steel III as NIS America are planning a livestream The announcement came over Twitter, in which the company announced that series producer Toshihiro Kondo would be joining them, but didn't go into details about the subject matter The[...]
NIS America Announced "Disgaea 4 Complete+" For October Release
Cool news from NIS America this morning as Disgaea 4 Complete+ will be coming to both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall The company revealed all of the details and features below, along with more specific dates as the game will be released in North America on October 29th and in Europe on November[...]
NIS America Announces Disgaea 4 Complete+ at E3 2019
Hopefully, we'll learn more about the game sometime today at the NIS booth. credit//NIS America When the ruling powers of Hades are revealed to be corrupt, Valvatorez must spark a rebellion to bring them down! Armed to the teeth with dynamic, over-the-top gameplay and a horde of special features, this is the ultimate Disgaea! Disgaea 4 Complete+[...]