Patrick Goddard

2000 AD February Solicits With T.C. Eglington Peter Milligan Dan Abnett And More

2000 AD February Solicits With T.C. Eglington, Peter Milligan, Dan Abnett, And More

Eglington, Dave Taylor, Rory McConville, Arthur Wyatt, Patt Mills, Clint Langley, Peter Milligan, and Dan Abnett are working across their flaghsip 2000 AD Prog series and the Judge Dredd Megazine.2000 AD PROGS 2067-2070 2067 on sale 7 February 2018 2068 on sale 14 February 2018 2069 on sale 21 February 2018 2070 on sale 28 February 2018 Blazing SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Future lawman Judge[...]

The Last 2000AD Of 2013

The Last 2000AD Of 2013

Written by Dan Abnett, with excellent art by Patrick Goddard, colors by Abigail Ryder and lettering by Ellie De Ville, it’s the smallest scale piece in the issue It’s subdued too, even bleak It’s also arguably the best story in the issue.Told in the first person, it puts us in the head of an alien[...]