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We Tried Out The Oculus Quest at PAX East 2019
One of the coolest appointments that almost didn't happen at PAX East this year was a visit to the Oculus booth to try out the Oculus Quest! Which is something we seriously wanted to tackle at this event because the company went all out and made some massive VR booths to show off the gameplay[...]
We Experience The Awesomeness of What The Golf? at PAX East 2019
One of the last games we played at PAX East this year was the hilarious pseudo-golf game from Triband, What The Golf? If you're unfamiliar with this game, it uses the basic premise of point and click golf mechanics you've played a hundred times over in simple flash games on the internet, only they change[...]
Living By Chance With Dicey Dungeons at PAX East 2019
One of the last games we checked out at the end of PAX East this year was a cool RNG indie title called Dicey Dungeons This game is so indie it only has three people working on it as you have Terry Cavanagh as the designer, Marlowe Dobbe as the artist, and Chipzel for the[...]
Things Get Surreal With Where The Bees Make Honey at PAX East 2019
It isn't often that we experience déjà vu at a convention, but that's exactly what I went through with Where The Bees Make Honey at PAX East This is a game that we have never played before or seen at a convention prior and to the best of our knowledge we hadn't even touched as[...]
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An awesome little space shooter we got to experience at PAX East this year was Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory from Stumphead Games This game gives you all the glory of old arcade shooters you could imagine, all the way down to the pixel art, but with all of the insane action of today's games There's[...]
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The one game demo that we got a really uncomfortable feeling trying out at PAX East was Speaking Simulator from Affable Games The premise of the game is short and sweet and to the point, as you play as some entity trying to program robots to perfect emulate humans to fit into society One of[...]
A Living Paranoid Comic: We Played Liberated at PAX East 2019
We paid a visit to the crew at Atomic Wolf over at PAX East this year and got treated to an interesting comic book game called Liberated This game takes place in a future where tech basically spies on you at every turn, as you are monitored in-depth and all of your actions are judged[...]
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Sometimes you get a game where you just get to be a kid again, like when we tried out Railroad Corporation from Iceberg Interactive at PAX East Developed by Corbie Games, this is exactly what you might think it is and more as you're essentially a railroad baron of sorts who is putting together a[...]
We Get Into Nintendo Puppetry With ThinkGeek at PAX East 2019
During our time at PAX East this year, we decided to pay a visit to the ThinkGeek booth to see what new awesome items they had on the digital shelves The company had some amazing collectibles that were basically going like hotcakes, including some highly detailed Fallout figures such as the Working Girl and a[...]
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On our last day at PAX East, I decided to mosey on over to the tabletop area and pay our friends at Wyrmwood a visit to see what they had to show off The company was showing off all of the tables on the main floor that they currently had for sale to show that[...]
We Try Out The Console Version of Faeria at PAX East 2019
The last game we got to try out at the Versus Evil booth at PAX East was the Abrakam SA turn-based card game Faeria Now this game is already out on PC and mobile devices, in fact, it turned two years old back in March So going over the game doesn't really serve much purpose[...]
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Another game we got to check out at the Versus Evil booth at PAX East came to us from Romanian developer Breadcrumbs Interactive called Yaga The game is pretty cool in the idea that while the character stays the same as being a portly one-armed man, the story changes all the time depending on some[...]
Running Through Zombie Hell in Into The Dead 2 at PAX East 2019
Versus Evil brought a few surprises to PAX East with them, including a Nintendo Switch version of Into The Dead 2 to try out If you're not familiar with this game, this is a mobile zombie survival title developed by PikPok in New Zealand The premise is that you weave back and forth as a[...]
Gotta Catch and Upgrade and Collect in Cardpocalypse at PAX East 2019
We paid a visit to the Versus Evil booth at PAX East and got a chance to check out a new game from Gambrinous called Cardpocalypse If you're not familiar with Gambrinous, it's a one-man studio of Colm Larkin who was behind the indie hit Guild of Dungeoneering, so we already had high hopes checking[...]
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Pixelated Milk and Game Company (yes, that's their real name) brought an interesting surprise with them to PAX East this year with WARSAW The game puts you in the middle of Warsaw, Poland during the uprising in the city in 1944 If you're not familiar with this particular point in World War II, the Polish[...]
Kids Hinder Our Progress in Fromto at PAX East 2019
Another cool game we got to try out at PAX East this year from Headup Games was an animated title called Fromto created by Studio Erikson The entire game was created by the game's creator and his kids as they provided the art and he supplied the means to make it go This is a[...]
Roguelite and Alone As We Tried Colt Canyon at PAX East 2019
While we were at PAX East we spent some time with Headup Games, and the first title we got to see from them was Colt Canyon This particular game looks like an old-school Atari throwback as you will play a cowboy in the middle of a western landscape who's partner has been kidnapped and you[...]
Bethesda Softworks Let Us Try Out Rage 2 At PAX East 2019
One of the fun little off-site surprises we got at PAX East this year was Bethesda Softworks showing off Rage 2 in a hotel comedy club, which we gladly played! This particular demo was set on a 20-minute timer, so we basically had to jump in and go with what we had, which was a[...]
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One of the last games we saw at PAX East this year was a new first-person adventure from Modern Storyteller called The Forgotten City Our own Madeline Ricchiuto checked the game out earlier this year at GDC and wrote up her thoughts on it, so I won't spend a ton of time covering what she[...]
Rewind and Try Again As We Try Katana Zero at PAX East 2019
The last game we had a chance to try out from Devolver Digital at PAX East was an indie platformer called Katana Zero developed by Askiisoft The game puts you in the shoes of a freelancing samurai warrior who takes on jobs and executes them with precision and ruthlessness The catch to this game is[...]
The Audio Messes With Us in Alt-Frequencies at PAX East 2019
One of the few games we tried out at PAX East this year that had any kind of mobile device mechanic tied to it was Alt-Frequencies from Accidental Queens When we played this demo we did it sitting down with earbuds hooked up to a mobile device so we could play the game the way[...]
Moving Lands While Racing in Georifters at PAX East 2019
The folks at Another Indie brought one more demo with them that we saw at PAX East this year, the last we tried from them being Georifters from Busy Toaster The game has what appears to be both a single-player and a two-player competition mode, but we only got to try out the two-player version[...]
Devolver Digital Gives Us The 'Ol Heave Ho at PAX East 2019
One of the big surprise games from PAX East this year came from Devolver Digital as they showed off Heave Ho from Le Cartel Studio This particular game was kept a secret from everyone before the event kicked off a couple weeks ago, and when they brought it to the floor it was the primary[...]
Feeling The Flow With Windjammers 2 at PAX East 2019
During that Streets Of Rage 4 preview at PAX East, we got a taste of another retro sequel Dotemu is working on with a demo of Windjammers 2 After having great success and popularity with the 2017 port they did of the original on PS4 and Vita that included online multiplayer, the company got a[...]
We Enthusiastically Got To Try Out Streets Of Rage 4 at PAX East 2019
One of the surprise video games we got to demo at PAX East this year was a private demo of Streets Of Rage 4 from Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games We were led off into a small room that was all decked out in '90s posters and furniture All that was missing was a[...]
The Arcade Crew Shows Off Young Souls at PAX East 2019
Another game we got to check out from The Arcade Crew at PAX East this year was a narrative-driven RPG beat-em-up called Young Souls The game has you as two teenagers, Jenn and Tristan, who have no family beyond each other and a scientist who adopted them Their lives are pretty dull until the day[...]
We Get a Good Amount of Slashing Action With KUNAI at PAX East
During our time at PAX East this year, we got to visit with The Arcade Crew and check out their action platformer KUNAI for few on the floor The game kinda throws you into a universe that doesn't make a lot of sense right off the bat but you learn as you go You start[...]
Beyond Blue at PAX East
E-Line Media has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit and feeling of being underwater. Unlike previous demos of the game I've played, the PAX East 2019 demo build was brighter and smoother than ever While that isn't always the case while you're diving, it does make for a far more welcoming experience for the[...]
Endless Mission at PAX East
  The Endless Mission is described by developer and publisher E-Line Media as "a community-driven creation sandbox game where you play, mashup, and mod iconic game genres in order to make your own creations and experiences to share with the world." However, that was not the version of the game I demoed at PAX East this[...]
The Best of GDC's Brazil Games Showcase
GDC and PAX East this year hosted a Brazil Games Showcase, which brought some of the best indie games from Brazil to the states in order to look for publishers, and press. Several of the showcase games were up for awards at GDC Play this year, and quite a few took home top honors I was[...]