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The Boys is one show President Obama liked to watch in-between writing. (Images: NBC/Amazon Prime screencaps)
Seriously. The Boys is one show President Obama liked to watch in-between writing (Images: NBC/Amazon Prime screencaps) While hitting the predominantly-virtual book tour for his recently-released memoir A Promised Land, President Barack Obama was asked by EW what selections across the pop culture landscape helped him with the writing process Of course, our attention turned immediately to[...]
Colbert Joins Obama In The Other Dead
We mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, along with a major Obama-related spoiler, but Stephen Colbert also makes his appearance in animal-zombie-comic
The Other Dead Sells Out Of 10,500 First Print Run
It seems zombies, nay animal zombies, nay animal zombies killing and eating Dick Cheney while President Obama packs heat was rather popular. IDW's The Other Dead sold out from distribution centres yesterday, of its entire print run of 10,500 copies, with back order mounting up Expect a second print run to satisfy that soon. 6700 were printed[...]
The Death Of Dick Cheney
The Other Dead, a new comic book from IDW is published next Wednesday. A story about animals, reanimated, coming back from the dead as bloodthirsty
Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con
And perhaps the trials and tribulations of Naif Al Mutawa's attempts to get print distribution for The 99, a comic book story drawing on many traditional Islamic elements that has been championed by President Obama amongst others but which was dropped by its US distributors, points to the continued suspicions and uncertainties regarding comics and[...]