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Prime 1 Studios Aliens Alien Warrior Statue

Alien Warrior Is on the Hunt With New Prime 1 Studio Statue

The hit science fiction movie, Aliens, returns as Prime 1 Studio announces a new collectible statue. This collectible is pretty pricey but it is packed with high amounts of detail. The Alien Warrior is featuring in this piece and the statue stands 26 inches tall and 30" wide. The whole base is a diorama as […]

Black Suit Superman Statue from Prime 1 Studio

Superman is Back from the Dead with More Prime 1 Studios Statues

Superman is back from the grave as more pre-orders show up from the 2019 revealed statue. This Prime 1 Studio statue is based on the DC Comics Death of Superman storyline. After his apparent "death" Superman went into a near comatose state to recover from his Doomsday encounter. When he finally re-emerged he was sporting […]

The Joker Concept Design Statue from Prime 1 Studio

The Joker Gets a Concept Designed Statue from Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studios and Sideshow Collectibles have announced a new Joker Statue from the talented mind of Lee Bermejo This artist has done some amazing work with graphic novels over the year including the 2008 Joker graphic novel This time Lee brings the Joker alive with a concept design statue piece from Prime 1 Studios[...]


"Evil Dead" Ash Williams is Back with Prime 1 Studio

With Sideshow Collectibles you can get an extra alternative head portrait fro Ash Williams and you can complain about statue customization.The Ash Williams Evil Dead: Dead by Dawn Statue from Prime 1 Studios and Sideshow Collectibles is set to realize between January and June 2021 The standard edition is priced at $1,449 and the Sideshow[...]


Batman Zero Year Statue Goes Exclusive With Sideshow

Batman is back but this time it's a fresh start as he is in his zero year. This is the time were Batman really becomes the Dark Knight and we get to see him at the beginning. Prime 1 Studio has created an absolutely incredible Zero Year statue that features Bruce on a motorcycle with […]

Batman Incorporated Prime 1 Studio Statue Goes Exclusive

Batman Incorporated Prime 1 Studio Statue Goes Exclusive

We have seen a lot of Batman: Arkham Knight statues recently featuring a whole cast of different Batman costumes. It looks like Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow Collectibles are going back to the beginning with the first released statue all over again. This time, Sideshow Collectibles is getting an exclusive portrait to bring some new […]

Bane Gets a New "The Dark Knight Rises" Statue from Prime 1 Studio 

Bane Gets a New "The Dark Knight Rises" Statue from Prime 1 Studio 

The Dark Knight Rises introduces us to yet another on screen performance of the Batman villain, Bane. This one was way different then what we usually saw and was more villainous and had a plan to destroy the bat. Prime 1 Studio is ready for fans to bring Bane home with 2 new statues and a […]

Superman Has Had Enough in New Prime 1 Studio Statue 

Superman Is Out To Kill Batman In A New Prime 1 Studio Statue 

Superman has been in many iconic roles throughout comics history. One specific role that comes to mind is from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. This was published by DC Comics from February to June 1986. This story takes place in a darker DC universe where Superman is almost in the president's pocket and Batman […]

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Superman Dons His Black Suit for Pricey Prime 1 Studios Statue

Prime 1 Studios is releasing an incredible Black Suit Superman Statue For starters, Superman is a ½ scale and 42” tall and he is a limited edition to only 150 pieces This is a repaint of Prime 1 Studios 2016 version of the statue but man this is so much better The base is loaded[...]

"Dark Nights: Metal" Statue by Prime 1 Studios Showcases a Joker Dragon

Prime 1 Studios is showing off the final fight of the series with their new statue As usual, we are getting standard and deluxe versions of the statue First, for the standard, we get a 34” statue that shows of Batman in his knight outfit fighting off a Joker Dragon Dark Nights: Metal isn’t metal[...]

Prime 1 Studios Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “Batman: Arkham City” Statue

Prime 1 Studios Celebrates "Batman: Arkham Asylum" 10th Anniversary

Prime 1 Studios is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the game series with a 21.5” statue! Two versions of Batman: Arkham City statues are getting released, with the exclusive version coming with an extra interchangeable head that gives Batman an angry look As well as an extra hand that has him holding the games recognizable[...]

"Batman: Hush" Statue by Prime 1 Studios Stands Over 2 Feet!

Batman: Hush is a classic and iconic DC storyline. From introducing the villain Hush to exploring the relationship of Bruce and Catwoman and so much more. With the recent DC animation adaptation of the comic, it is no surprise to see a new statue coming soon. Prime 1 Studio is releasing Batman Hush statue that is […]

Aquaman Black Manta Prime 1 Studio Statue 11

Aquaman Baddie Black Manta Gets a Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Aquaman villain Black Manta will invade screens with the film on December 21, and Prime 1 Studios has revealed their statue from the film The statue is in the 1:3 scale and features Manta perched with a wave crashing behind him and the ruins he is standing on The statue will feature LED lights and[...]

DC Comics Prime 1 Studio Supergirl Statue 2

Supergirl and Streaky Get a New Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Supergirl and her pet cat Streaky are getting a new statue from Prime 1 Studio. This 1:3 scale statue will come in two versions. The regular version will cost $1,049, while the exclusive version will feature a bonus portrait and costs $1,099. Both feature amazing sculpting work, with Kara holding a very content looking Streaky […]

Wonder Woman Gets A New Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Wonder Woman has a new statue on the way from Prime 1 Studios The New 52 version of Diana will come in two versions- a regular edition for $699 and a $729 limited to 500 pieces that will come with an alternate face portrait, and swappable hands with her holding axes Both versions are quite[...]

Henry Cavill superman Justice League statue

Superman Justice League Statue Coming from Prime 1 Studios

Superman is the latest statue to come from Prime 1 Studios Two versions will be available: a regular edition that retails for $949 and an exclusive version featuring an alternate portrait for Superman for $999 They are limited to 700 and 350 pieces, respectfully, and will ship this year." Well I believe in truth.. but[...]

wonder woman statue and more geeky news

You Can Now Preorder Prime 1 Studio's Insanely Cool Wonder Woman Statue and Bust

Prime 1 Studio is now taking preorders for their ridiculously awesome-looking new Wonder Woman bust and statue from Justice League. Featuring an incredible likeness of star Gal Gadot, you can preorder each separately or together in an Ultimate Edition bundle. They will both ship in 2019. ""People said the Age of Heroes would never come […]

doomsday statue

Doomsday Gets The Ultimate Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Doomsday gets a bad rap. As a life-long Superman fan, I have always appreciated the being who killed Superman. Since that fateful year of 1993, every time the big lug makes an appearance, I get excited. Personally, I feel like he is DC's Juggernaut. He never stops coming, and that will never not be interesting. […]