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RedDeer Games Confirms Multiple Games Coming For The Smurfs
Many people in our creative department remember them from the cartoons they watched as children – he adds. We are so excited to bring more Smurf Fun on Nintendo Switch with this new partnership with the talented teams at RedDeer.Games This is a great opportunity to connect with kids and parents with brand-new smurfy creative and[...]
Space Raiders In Space Arrives On Xbox In January
RedDeer.Games announced this week they will be taking on publishing duties for Space Raiders In Space when it comes to Xbox The game had previously been released for PC back in 2020, and since then has earned a bit of a cult audience for meshing tower defense, wave attacks, roguelike, and squad management mechanics Now[...]
PID Will Launch On Nintendo Switch On November 18th
RedDeer.Games confirmed this week that they will be launching their new indie title PID on the Nintendo Switch on November 18th The game will have you playing as a young boy who finds himself lost in space It will be up to you to use your skills in this fun little platformer to find a[...]
Indie developer beyondthosehills and publisher RedDeer.Games confirmed that they will be bringing Reky to consoles sometime soon The original version of the game was released on Steam back in May 2020 as it combined unique and refreshing technical drawing aesthetics with an elegantly designed set of logic puzzle challenges, all centered around a minimalist design[...]