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Tales of the Walking Dead S01E05 "Davon" Review: Intense "Horror Noir"
But four episodes into Tales of the Walking Dead (check out our review/recap of S01E04 "Amy; Dr Everett" here) and I'm starting to change my mind because the series has steadily delivered chapters that have told very unique stories without ever forgetting the "bigger picture" universe that it operates within And it's winning ways continued[...]
Cobra Kai Season 5 a Brilliant, Well-Rounded War of Attrition: Review
From the previews, she tries to clear her conscience to make things right, even turning to her former sensei Kreese, who's incarcerated One of the few but understandable misses of the season was the abrupt lack of contact between her and Courtney Henggeler's Amanda LaRusso, who she built such a strong rapport with in season[...]
House of the Dragon: S01 E03 Review: Dual Depression & Epic Finish
New episodes of House of the Dragon premiere Sundays on HBO and stream on HBO Max, and here's a preview of what's ahead with the trailer for S01E04 "King of the Narrow Sea": This week's episode of House of the Dragon has three parts depression & two parts epic battles There is a two-year time[...]
She-Hulk Episodes 2 & 3 Review: Trials & Tribulations of Emil Blonsky
When the embargo came down for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we reviewed the first four episodes, but we kept our reviews of the latter episodes a bit more vague, so there weren't any spoilers Now episodes two and three are out, which very much lead into each other; it's time to see if they work[...]
rick and morty
But before we get to our real-time recap/review, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign & throwing down an image spoiler buffer before a deep dive into the season-opener… Image: Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 "Solaricks" Thoughts & Observations: Looks like Rick and Morty are stuck on their ship without fuel[...]