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Peglin, A Pachinko-Style Indie Game, Available For Demo On Steam
Independent video game developer Red Nexus Games has announced that their pachinko-style roguelike game Peglin is available to demo on the Steam Store! This cute game takes all the fun and randomness of Pachinko and turns it into an adventure game. The cute, quirky key art for pachinko-style roguelike game Peglin, by independent game developer Red Nexus[...]
Yuki Bullet Hell/Roguelike Hybrid Game To Launch On Oculus, Steam
Arvore, an independent video game developer based in São Paulo, Brazil, announced today that their roguelike/bullet hell hybrid game YUKI will be available on the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift, and any and all Steam virtual reality platforms as of July 22nd of this year Preorders for the game are open now, and on top of that,[...]
Nacon Teams Up With Richard Garfield On Roguebook Deckbuilder Game
Indie developer Abrakam, alongside publisher NACON, have teamed up with legendary game designer Richard Garfield to bring Roguebook, a roguelike deckbuilder game, to the PC via Steam. Roguebook is set to release some time in May of 2021. A screenshot from the roguelike deckbuilding indie game Roguebook, by Abrakam and Nacon This screenshot depicts an overworld map of[...]
Rogue-Like Game Rogue Lords Previewed At 2020 PC Gaming Show
One of the games they just previewed is Rogue Lords, a roguelike turn-based strategy game published by Nacon and co-developed by Cyanide Studios and Leiklr Studios. Key art for roguelike strategy game Rogue Lords, published by Nacom and co-developed by Cyanide Studios and Leiklr Studios. The premise for Rogue Lords is relatively simple: After a defeat many years ago,[...]