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DC's House of Whispers Canceled in June
The Sandman Universe is getting smaller in June, according to DC's full June solicitations House of Whispers #22  will be the final issue of the Black Label series by Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike "Domo" Stanton, according to its solicit. DC Comics also canceled ongoing series The Dreaming in May, relaunching instead with a limited series by[...]
DC Cancels The Dreaming in April... Will It Be Relaunched?
DC Comics' April 2020 solicitations reveal that Sandman Universe series The Dreaming will be canceled with The Dreaming #20, calling into question future plans for the title announced at New York Comic Con last October Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Bilquis Evely were said to be leaving the title after The Dreaming #18, with a[...]
Hellblazer #1 [Preview]
DC's Hellblazer relaunch kicks into full gear tomorrow as John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 launches, by Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, picking up from the Sandman Universe: Hellblazer Special that established a new status quo for a mature content Constantine Sadly, mature content doesn't go over as well for Constantine himself as this preview of tomorrow's[...]
Hellblazer Joins Sandman Universe in October
Having successfully helped put Vertigo Comics out of its misery by helping Batman expose his penis, John Constantine will return in a new series as part of the Sandman Universe series of totally-not-Vertigo comics at DC Starting in October with Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer #1, Constantine will pull a magic trick of having two number[...]
House of Whispers #1 cover by Sean Andrew Murray
Meanwhile, the four women we met in Sandman Universe #1, Latoya, Maggie, Lumi, and Habibi, look at a strange book belonging to the Loa known as Shakpana This Loa is fueled by rumor and hearsay, and his entering our realm would unleash disease Mistress Erzulie doesn't intend to allow this. House of Whispers #1 cover by[...]
Dreaming #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung
Dora the Monstress is playing at the border and feeding her own proclivities and causing havoc. Dreaming #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung I was hard on Sandman Universe #1 for not being especially welcoming to new readers like myself, but I still held out hope for the titles spinning out of the book. The fact[...]
Sandman Universe #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung
Finally, his raven senses kick in and he knows exactly where to find Dream. Sandman Universe #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung So, confession time: I've not read Sandman — any of it I am a filthy youth who has always been into mainstream superhero comics and has yet to get around to collecting Neil Gaiman's[...]
David Mack Joins Classic Sandman Creators for Sandman Universe Covers
SyFy, presumably one of DC's 'controlled websites', has run some upcoming covers for the Sandman Universe launch , with commentary from the creators Uncontrolled websites ran news of this planned line over two years ago, and it's fun to see how many details remained the same over time. Sandman Universe #1 cover by Jill Thompson: #1 cover[...]