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Missing Filmmakers on Why They Wanted to Pursue a Searching Sequel
Searching became a dominant force in 2018 as a mystery-thriller that undeniably forged its own path in the quasi-found-footage-Esque genre, having to overcome a lot of previously explored techniques and styles. By then amassing more than $70 million dollars during its impressive theatrical run, an eventual follow-up was announced, thus raising the bar for the spiritual[...]
'Run' Trailer: Sarah Paulson is the Mom From Hell in New Thriller
Run, a new thriller from the creators of the sleeper hit Searching, has debuted its new trailer The film stars Sarah Paulson as an overbearing mother, with newcomer Kiera Allen playing her daughter, who has spent her whole life being isolated by her mother, basically being held hostage Paulson looks really good in this, as[...]
New Poster for the Sundance Thriller 'Searching'
Searching (then called Search) made a big splash at the Sundance Film Festival and Sony snagged up the rights to the thriller for a sweet $5 million dollars That's a pretty good sell for a Sundance movie and they've been promoting the movie ever since The production, which follows John Cho as a father searching[...]
searching poster
Searching, or Search as it was known at the time, was one of the surprise hits of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival because it was one of those movies that sounded terrible on paper A thriller shot entirely on cameras from computers and iPhones? But the combination of a smart story and fantastic acting by[...]
searching poster
There are always surprises that come out of the Sundance Film Festival, but one movie that no one expected to be any good was Searching (previously Search) It was yet another movie told through the filter of a cell phone or computer camera — but unlike the less-than-impressive Unfriended several years ago, it worked really well[...]