Watch And Learn – Charles Schulz Draws Charlie Brown

In this excerpt from the rare, unaired TV documentary, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Charles Schulz does a little show and tell. He shows you how he would draw young Chuck, and he tells you why the character is so resoundingly relatable. [youtube][/youtube] You can purchase the full documentary on DVD through the Charles Schulz […]

WARNING! Peanuts Without The Punchline WARNING!

How depressed are you feeling right now? If you are feeling slightly down or worse, stop reading. Or lock the gun, poison and nooses away. Because this is going to get bad. Now. We are familiar with Garfield Minus Garfield, a strip about a man taking to him imaginary cat. Now comes Peanuts Without The […]

First Image From New Peanuts Film

Those Warner Bros have released the first image from the new Peanuts film, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. Perfect timing – we're not only in October, the advent of the Great Pumpkin, but Peanuts turned 60 at the weekend. The film should be with us in the spring and a cursory glance at […]