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Anyone Notice Peacemaker's Opening Dance Number Is Space Invaders?
Maybe it's too obvious? And then five episodes into Peacemaker on HBO, based on the DC Comics character, you google for anything linking Peacemaker and the video arcade game classic Space Invaders, and there are no social media mentions, no clickbait headlines, not even a mention in the many, many articles about the opening credits[...]
Space Invaders Invincible Collection Comes To Switch Next Week
Taito and ININ Games announced this week that they will be releasing Space Invaders Invincible Collection on Nintendo Switch on August 17th This is meant to be an all-in-one collection of the best Space Invaders games created since the first one clear back in 1978 Keep in mind, it's not every single game that was[...]
Square Enix Unveils Space Invaders Augmented Reality Mobile Game
During the Square Enix Presents livestream today, the company revealed they're working with TAITO on a new Space Invaders title This particular one will be a mobile endeavor as they're looking to make an augmented reality game, bringing the aliens and more to your everyday life as you walk around with your mobile device Not[...]
TAITO Announces Space Invaders - Invincible Collection For Switch
TAITO and Strictly Limited Games revealed this week that they will be releasing two new games for Space Invaders The main one being Space Invaders Invincible Collection, which is a series of games within the IP that have stretched over the past 40 years From the original title all the way to 2018's Space Invaders[...]
"Space Invaders Invincible Collection" Shows Off A Special Edition
Taito will be releasing a new game this year called Space Invaders Invincible Collection on the Nintendo Switch, which has a slew of titles from the past Now the company has a brand new trailer out showing that there will be a Special Edition of the game which will include a new title That title[...]
Arcade1Up Introduces Four New Games for 2019 Including Mortal Kombat
Starting in February, you'll be seeing four new cabinets come to the line, including Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Golden Tee, and Space Invaders Like the rest of their lineup, these cabinets will look like a specific cabinet in the series, but will have a few different games built into it. credit//Arcade1Up Right now, Final Fight is set[...]
What's in the Box?!: Geek Fuel EXP Vol. 2
But will the second box keep the hype? Let's rip into it and see what it has in store. First item at the top is clothing, as we get a pair of Space Invaders socks These are awesome! You get all of the aliens in different colors along the leg followed by the tank at the[...]
Funstock Retro plug-and-play arcade games
Thus, Funstock's new line. Each unit is emblazoned with officially licensed artwork, giving them a colourful retro look that will take you right back to those backlit marquees of yesterday. The full range includes Space Invaders, Mega Man 2, Frogger, Double Dragon, and Ms Pac-Man Yes, Mega Man 2 was a home console game and not an[...]
What's In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – March 2018
This is a really cool item that will get some use from us. Moving into stand-alone items, the first one up is a Space Invaders vinyl figure from Taito, made exclusively for Loot Crate boxes As you can see below you have a chance of getting one of three different designs, and we scored the purple-fade-to-blue look[...]
Ready Player One
One of our personal favorites? Why, that'd be Spielberg playing Space Invaders, of course. Director Steven Spielberg and the cast of #ReadyPlayerOne at the LA press junket See it in theaters March 29 Tickets available now: — Ready Player One (@readyplayerone) March 15, 2018 Also, tickets officially went on sale today for Ready Player One, which opens[...]