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Todd McFarlane Signs And Numbers King Spawn #1 1:250 Variant Covers
The launch of Todd McFarlane's second ongoing Spawn series King Spawn #1 launches in August and naturally has a bunch of variant covers We already mentioned that Donny Cates had drawn one, in return for Todd's cover for Crossover But Todd McFarlane has planned a 1:250 retailer incentive intended to be the lowest print run ever[...]
Todd McFarlane took to the Comic-Con@Home panel to talk about all things Spawn and Spawn's Universe And he concluded with a look at what was going on with his various businesses, alongside the likes of J Scott Campbell and Sean Lewis. Todd McFarlane On The Future Of Spawn in Comics, Toys, TV and Movies As well as establishing four[...]
Image Comics October 2021 Solicits
Image Comics launches A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance, Gunslinger Spawn, Magic Order 2, Fineline, Hellcop, Nita Hawes' Nightmare Blog and more in their October 2021 solicits and solicitations, A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance in Image Comics October 2021 Solicits FRIDAY, BOOK ONE: THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS TP WRITER: ED BRUBAKER ARTISTS: MARCOS MARTIN & MUNTSA VICENTE COVER: MARCOS[...]
Gunslinger Spawn #1- Todd McFarlane, Ales Kot, Brett Booth in October
In October, Todd McFarlane launches his third ongoing Spawn series from Image Comics, Gunslinger Spawn, written by him with Ales Kot, drawn by Brett Booth, Philip Tan and Kevin Keane Here are the details from Previewsworld – as well as for issues of King Spawn and Spawn also in October And for November? The new[...]
Star Trek: Mirror War Event On Cover Of Next Week's Previews
"Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the ISS Enterprise embark on their most dangerous mission in IDW Publishing's Star Trek: The Mirror War". With Todd McFarlane's launch of Gunslinger Spawn, the third ongoing Image Comics Spawn series, on the back cover, ": Todd McFarlane's Spawnverse launches continue as a Spawn from the Wild West deals[...]
Donny Cates' King Spawn #1 Cover - And Pages Inside
Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that comic book writer Donny Cates had drawn a comic book cover for King Spawn #1, his third cover for a mainstream comic book to date, after Venom and King In Black And with Todd McFarlane inks, clearly the best one to date. Donny Cates & Todd McFarlane's King Spawn #1[...]
Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke Revive 3D Hellcop With Added Spawn
Oh and Spawn on at least a couple of covers, no idea if he pops up in the story or not.  Brian Holguin used to write Spawn: Godslayer for Todd and Brian Haberlin was Todd's EIC and pencilled Spawn for some time. Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke Revive 3D Hellcop With Added Spawn When mankind first[...]
Donny Cates Is Drawing A King Spawn #1 Cover For Todd McFarlane?
You guys are in for some amazing stuff!" But what could it be? Well, this listing for an FOC cover for the upcoming King Spawn #1 may reveal all Or at least reveal what the hell he is talking about. KING SPAWN #1 CVR G CATES IMAGE COMICS JUN218205 (W) Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane (A) Javier Fernandez, Brett Booth,[...]
The New Villains Of Spawn - Not Just A Man In A Suit
There's something rather classic somewhere inside Spawn #319 As well as all the sci-fi and fantasy gore, and convoluted tales of heaven and hell, there is also a Tales From The Crypt-style story of punishment for evil crimes against the innocent, which it is possible only the likes of this comic can get away with,[...]
The Rarest X-Factor #10
If nothing else, this confirms that Image Comics' Spawn uses the same printers as Marvel Comics Even though Image Comics used thicker paper and cover stock Because this is the copy of Spawn #319 that one Eric Hernandez bought from his local comic shop At least that's what it is on the outside, anyway. X-Factor #10/Spawn[...]
First Look At King Spawn #1
Todd McFarlane says that King Spawn #1 out in September will be his "first new monthly series dedicated to the original Spawn character since 1992." Is that true? What about Curse Of Spawn from 1996? Or Hellspawn from 2000? Anyway… we get a first look inside its pages here, drawn by Javi Fernandez and coloured[...]
Spawn Universe #1 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
Sorry for the delay and if any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Spawn Universe #1 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List Spawn Universe #1 was a massive hit, not only getting over 200,000 orders and going to a second printing (above), but topping the[...]
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Spawn is entering the Mortal Kombat once again as McFarlane Toys reveals another one of his costumes in figure form The Malefik armor comes to life this time, featuring a high amount of detail and 22 points of articulation This armored version of Spawn is posing with bright silver and red color, which will make[...]
Cover image for PRIMORDIAL #1 (OF 6) CVR A SORRENTINO (MR)
Meanwhile, Hutch is now divorced from Chloe and going back to his old criminal ways, wearing his father's Skyfox costume and hoping to make a little drug money by joining a supervillain gang for the biggest raid of his career. In Shops: Sep 15, 2021 SRP: $3.99 JUPITERS LEGACY REQUIEM #4 (OF 12) CVR B GARNER (MR) IMAGE COMICS JUPITERS[...]
Spawn’s Universe Clown and Violator McFarlane Toys Figures Arrive
Hell's army needs more soldiers, and it is up to Violator to guide the Hellspawn to Malebolgia's command McFarlane Toys is helping Violator on his quest as they add his to the first wave of Spawn's Universe figures We have already seen plenty of heroes release from the new wave of figures with Redeemer and[...]