Will Terry Moore Return to Strangers in Paradise Again?

Terry Moore is a living legend in the comics industry as the creator of the long-running indie romance, crime drama, and slice-of-life epic, Strangers in Paradise. Moore is an accomplished artist, celebrated writer, Eisner-winning letterer, and, now… a YouTuber. The veteran creator has fostered his relationship with his fanbase by creating how-to videos that focus on drawing tips and conversation with Abstract Studios Publisher Robyn Moore. In Sunday's video, which focused on Terry Moore drawing his iconic Strangers in Paradise lead Francine, the pair spoke on the likelihood of Moore returning to his classic series.

Will Terry Moore Return to Strangers in Paradise Again? Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube channel
Will Terry Moore Return to Strangers in Paradise Again? Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube channel

Terry Moore addressed his fanbase directly in the YouTube video about the possibility of more Strangers in Paradise, saying:

"Well, it's always possible that I'll go back and revisit something, but I'm really looking forward. Unless I think of a brand new story, something brand new for the existing characters to do, I'm plowing ahead because I have so many ideas. You need to keep working to get to them all. I hope I have a lot of new stories for you. If Katchoo is involved, it'll be for good reason like Five Years."

Then, the Moores discussed Terry's upcoming Ever, the Strangers in Paradise creator's first series that will be released as an original graphic novel rather than single issues that are then collected into a trade paperback. Terry Moore spoke on the process and what fans can expect for his stories after the release of Ever after Robyn mentioned that he has decided to go back to single issues.

"I prefer single issues. Working on a long deadline for a graphic novel is strange. It's a different type of creating. I've been on a deadline for a long time, so I'm used to it, but I like have single issues, the old fashioned comic. And then you collect them. I like that. Next series goes back to single issues for sure."

Terry Moore's next title, Ever: The Way Out, will release from Abstract Studios in November 2020.


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