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Tini Howard & Sweeney Boo
Excalibur and Catwoman writer Tini Howard and Captain Marvel artist Sweeney Boo are the new planned creative team for the DC Comics ongoing series Harley Quinn from March 2023 with Harley Quinn #28 This will follow February's Harley Quinn #27 by the current team of Stephanie Phillips and Matteo Lolli. This will follow Harley Quinn's current[...]
Sweeney Boo To Draw DC's Punchline Comic
Sweeney Boo may best be known as a comic book cover artist right now, but she has drawn comic book stories such as Rat Queens, her graphic novel Eat, and Love Yourself, Dead Beats, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Love Is Love and Over My Dead Body And, along with her cover illustration, and design work on[...]
Captain Marvel Artist Sweeney Boo Creates New Comic, Over My Dead Body
Over My Dead Body is the new YA comic book by graphic novelist Sweeney Boo, creator of Eat, And Love Yourself The book follows Abby, a teenage witch at a magic academy who takes it upon herself to investigate the disappearance of a missing classmate only to unravel a mystery that's haunted the Academy for[...]
Eat and Love Yourself First Look
Sometimes we even eat and love ourselves at the same time! But in case you're not convinced, BOOM! has offered up this first look preview at the upcoming graphic novel Eat, And Love Yourself by Sweeney Boo about Mindy, "a young woman who struggles with society's image of her body and personhood, and then finds[...]
BOOM! Studios Wants You to "Eat and Love Yourself" Next April
Don't mind if we do! Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced they will publish Eat and Love Yourself, a new graphic novel by Sweeney Boo and Lylian Eat and Love Yourself tells the story about "a young woman who struggles with society's image of her body and personhood then finds a magical item that takes her[...]