Hiroshima Lovers as a Watchmen Tattoo

I noticed a bunch of traffic coming from Reddit the other day, from a post cyberbully-alex (I do hope he isn't one. He seems perfectly nice) regarding his first tattoo. And it's a comic book one. It's the image from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, Dan's dreams about him and Laurie, revealing their true […]

Would You Get A Bitch Planet Tattoo?

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro's groundbreaking comic Bitch Planet released five issues over the past year. From the moment the first issue was released, the comic has been gaining a reputation for empowering women. The comic has a strong non-compliant theme, and with that comes a symbol. If you've read the comic, I'm sure you've seen this… Now, […]

The Catfish Comic Artist Swipers Of Miami

Back in September, Bleeding Cool ran an article on a Miami artist calling herself Angel Isart, associated with a tattoo parlour called Miami Inkslinger, selling canvases of comic book inspired work for thousands of dollars a piece. And naturally, it was all heavily swiped work. We called her the Rob Granito of Miami. And that, it […]

The Rob Granito Of Miami?

Linked to Miami Inkslingers Tattoos, let's take a look at the painted canvas work of Angely Isart. Though some of her portraits seem a little familiar. From Gary Frank…. To Dale Keown… (on sale for $700) To David Finch… To Marc Silvestri… sold for $1,500. Though she admits to this one. None of them […]

You Can Cosplay At Toronto ComiCon… But Also Get A Tattoo? A Photogallery

Some of our operatives at Toronto ComiCon this weekend sent us a nice cosplay gallery, as well as pictures of pros sketching and signing and holding panels. But then there are also the images of a guy getting a Batman tattoo done right on the show floor! How have I missed this feature of conventions, […]

Identifying David Arquette's Wonder Woman Tattoo

We ran the first image earlier this week and asked if anyone recognised the panel in question, tattooed on David Arquette's right ribcage? Bleeding Cool's Gendercruncher extraordinare Tim Hanley had the answers. Tim writes; The Grand Comics Database credits H.G. Peter with the writing for this issue.  Clearly it's his art, but I don't recall […]

David Arquette And His Massive Wonder Woman Tattoo

David Arquette has a large tattoo of a golden age Wonder Woman panel, and revealed it on Bethenny Frankel's new daytime chat show. Apparently that's what you do when you get divorced from Courtney Cox. On his rib cage of course, after all, isn't that where all women come from? Can anyone identify the original […]

"Courage, Bravery, Valor, Guts, Prowess, Spunk" – The New Green Lantern Tattoo

شجاعة Alshujaa'a. That's the Arabic tattoo on the new Green Lantern's arm, appearing in Green Lantern #0. Just about. And yes, according to Google Translate, it means "Courage, Bravery, Valor, Guts, Prowess and Spunk." That last one… hmm. I know you Americans use it in a different fashion than us Brits… Anyway, why he looks […]

Sunday Runaround – Breasts, Fairies, Tattoos, Serial Killers And Mitt Romney

PresidentWatch: Cartoonists for Romney, apparently an unaffiliated, pro-Romney cartoonist resource… FinchWatch: We wrote about how Canadian artist David Finch was denied access to Manila after it was discovered his passport only had six months left on it. The Canadian government intervened and a week later, Finch flew! He is also doing some work for a revived DC […]

DJ Coffman Covers Arm In Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work

Blimey. DJ Coffman, creator of Hero By Night and bane of Platinum has taken ink to himself. From a very famiiar source indeed… That's That's the 22 Panels That Always Work from Wally Wood that comic artists still use today when trying to portray a visually exciting scene when all the writer has done is […]

Geoff Johns Gets Tattooed… On Someone

It's not uncommon to get a body part signed. Arms, breasts, forehead, it's certainly been done. It's a fun, temporary reaction to getting things like comics, books, records signed. And why not? Of course sometimes it's not so temporary. As when a comics fan at the Isotope comics store decided to make his Geoff Johns […]