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"Mortal Kombat 11" Finally Reveals All Kombat Pack Characters
The biggest question coming out of the Kombat Pack reveal for Mortal Kombat 11 this week is what happened to adding Ash Williams from The Evil Dead? Getting right to it, it was pretty much confirmed that the character would be included in the game as leaked files from the Switch version confirmed the character,[...]
Bruce Campbell Says More 'Evil Dead' Coming, But Won't Be Ash Williams Again
The Evil Dead), the series isn't over yet. "They're going to see different versions, they're going to be seeing more 'Evil Dead,' too," Campbell said "We're not done with the 'Evil Dead' saga, more stories to tell." The outlet says that the "more" means a continuation of / sequel to 2013's Evil Dead reboot, which Fede Alvarez[...]
Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2: Double The Blood, Double The Gore
Campbell said that Ash has to go home as the Evil Dead go after his family He said this is how we are introduced to Ash's dad Brock Williams, played by Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Dad, and Ash's high school pal Chet, played by Ted Raimi Campbell said, "Ted plays an idiot, like[...]