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Dark Nights: Metal #5 Cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia

Dark Nights Metal #5 Review: A Compelling Build-Up Before the Conclusion

Superman and Batman have some of the World’s Finest camaraderie, too, and Wonder Woman reminds us all why she’s the Justice League’s best warrior.The Batman Who Laughs is shaping up to be a classic DC villain in his own right He’s sadistic, spiteful, nihilistic, and aptly frightening Hopefully he may outlive the events of Metal,[...]

The Flash #33 Review: Loosely Strung Together And Too Fast Moving

The legions of Barbatos are aware of their actions and send the Devastator and the Murder Machine to attack the two heroes.Cyborg is struggling to keep in contact with Flash, Steel, and the other teams the Justice League sent out to find the Nth Metal.The Flash is dragged through a portal back to Central City,[...]

'Batman: The Murder Machine' #1 Review: Batborg Takes Over

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Metal continues its exploration through the Batman League with its Cyborg analogue, the Murder Machine. On another world, Alfred Pennyworth is brutally murdered by the enemies of the Batman. In a fit of grief, he requests that Cyborg helps him finish the Alfred Protocol, a means of turning Alfred into an AI that […]

Dark Nights: Metal #2

The Batman Hater Loves Dark Nights: Metal #2

I wasn’t completely enthralled, but it had merit and deserved some praise for that.That has changed with Metal #2.With the world falling into chaos, the Justice League and its allies are searching the globe for Batman Kendra Saunders, former Hawkgirl and current member of the Blackhawks, is out to kill him, and he has an[...]

Justice League #33 Showcases Relationships Created By The New 52

By Hilton CollinsThe Justice League’s fight against the new Doom Patrol continues in #33 as both teams struggle to contain Jessica Cruz’s destructive new power ringThe League fights the new Doom Patrol over Jessica Cruz’s fate in “The Injustice League’s” conclusion, but the storyline’s character interactions soon take center stage—and rightfully so—as this issue’s[...]