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Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics – PunisherMAX, Deadpool, Batwoman, Superboy, Secret Avengers, Conan, Thief Of Thieves, Wolverine And The X-Men, Battle Scars, Demon Knights, Batgirl And Adventure Time
I can hear the spaffing as I type. Thief Of Thieves starts off with a genius juxtaposition of angles of view that, whether it was Kirkman, Spencer or Martinborough who conceived it, they should be very happy with themselves. Add to that the kind of crime caper that, well, you might expect from Ed Brubaker, and you're[...]
Image Comics Dream Team: Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer On Thief Of Thieves
Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will preview a new series called Thief of Thieves at San Diego Comic Con this week The project will be published through Kirkman's Image/Skybound imprint, and the first arc of the new series will be written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn Martinbrough (Batman: No Man's Land). Kirkman is bringing[...]