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Blade Runner, Lazor Wulf, Shenmue, Tigtone, Fena Off Adult Swim Site
CN News/Schedules reported via Twitter (check them out here) that Blade Runner: Black Lotus, as well as Fena: Pirate Princess, Lazor Wulf, Shenmue: The Animation, and Tigtone had been removed from the website of Warner Bros Discovery-owned Adult Swim For Lazor Wulf and Tigtone, their HBO Max runs apparently end tonight (with Blade Runner: Black Lotus[...]
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Looks like Adult Swim can add two more shows to their roster for November's Adult Swim Festival 2019, with Cartoon Network's conjoined twin announcing second-season pick-ups for Titmouse's sci-fi comedy Ballmastrz: 9009 from Christy Karacas; and Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martian's fantasy series Tigtone (based on initial exclusive reporting from Variety). In an earlier interview with[...]
Adult Swim Adds Surreal Comedy 'The Shivering Truth', Fantasy Satire 'Tigtone'
Adult Swim is adding two new original animated comedy projects to their twistedly original programming slate: Vernon Chatman's surreal stop-motion series The Shivering Truth; and Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martin's medieval fantasy series Tigtone Although dramatically different series on just about every front, you can see from the series' synopses below that both projects clearly[...]